Don't Wait For Me

Loving someone, without them knowing, is the worst feeling in the world. Wanting them to notice you is the biggest wish you could ever imagine. Wishing you could tell them, without a way to tell them, is the most vast pain ever. Pleading for them to tell you they feel the same way, only happens in the movies. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time, is just bad luck.


4. Chapter 3


I walked into the principles office and he looked up from his small black laptop.

"Ah, Addison take a seat." Looking back down quickly, then peering under his desk for the printer. He swiped a piece of paper from the machine and laid it on his desk.

"So why did you need me, sir?" I lean forward a little to put my elbows on the edge of his small desk. He swirls round in his swivel chair and grabs a pen from the basket behind him. Then swivels to face me.

"The cheerleading team." He runs his hands over all the random files and folders all over his desk. Turning over notebooks and post it notes. He finds a folder named 'Cheerleading'. It's a pink folder with little white pom poms in two of the corners.

"Yes. So what about the cheerleading team?" I say rather eagerly, he flicks through the pages and pulls out a small leaflet.

"We need new costumes. Better costumes. You are the unofficial captain of this years team and the official captain for three years now. You know the teams style, I want you to design the costumes." He explains, he has a desperate look on his face. He couldn't decide the costumes, he was wearing a tie with rainbows on it for god sake. My life would be over if I was seen in a rainbow cheerleading outfit. I think about it for a while, but his eyes beg me to accept.

"Okay. Is that it?" I push myself of off the chair and spin to face the door. Grasping the handle, I look back and he's smiling back at me.

"Yes! Go Tigers!" He screams and knocks over a large trophy that the Tigers won back in 2007. His first ever football win. I punch my fist up in the air in fake excitement, pushing open the door, I see that Troy is not standing there. He wouldn't care about a loser like me. Only in my dreams would he be standing there with a bouquet of red roses and a box of chocolates. I guess that's never going to happen.

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