Don't Wait For Me

Loving someone, without them knowing, is the worst feeling in the world. Wanting them to notice you is the biggest wish you could ever imagine. Wishing you could tell them, without a way to tell them, is the most vast pain ever. Pleading for them to tell you they feel the same way, only happens in the movies. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time, is just bad luck.


3. Chapter 2


My heart races. Addison starts to get up and heads towards me, smiling her beautiful teeth off. Suddenly before I can actually think properly, Addison is already by my side, waiting for me to open the door for her. I have to mentally tell myself to help her out, months of thinking of her day and night, have all come down to this moment.

I take a grasp of the door handle and tug the door, leading to the school reception, open for Addi. It was impossible to slow my heartbeat down.

"Urm, what do I need to do." She sighs as soon as she's done speaking, about to laugh, I realise it's my turn to speak. Before I can talk, I have to get my words in the right order.

"The Principle-wants to see you." I end up stuttering a little but I was pretty sure that it sounded as normal as I could of made it sound. She shrugged. It was like a dream, talking to her was like floating in a cloud. Her voice was like an angels.

We suddenly get to the principles office and it was like my dream shattered. She waves goodbye as she closes the door, I feel my heart sigh. Even though I was holding my breath the whole way, because I didn't want to do anything stupid. I wanted to talk to her all day long. It was never going to talk to me though, I was nobody in her life. She's a cheerleader, I was a nobody in everyone's life.

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