Don't Wait For Me

Loving someone, without them knowing, is the worst feeling in the world. Wanting them to notice you is the biggest wish you could ever imagine. Wishing you could tell them, without a way to tell them, is the most vast pain ever. Pleading for them to tell you they feel the same way, only happens in the movies. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time, is just bad luck.


2. Chapter 1


I wrap my hoodie tighter around me.

"Girl if you don't go, this seasons gonna be awful." My best friend of seven years informs me with the cold hard truth. Ruth gives me a stare of pure death as I think of an answer to give Coach Perry, before we get to gym class. Ruth and I have both been cheerleading for the past four years, but I really thought, I'd concentrate on something else this year. Ruth stands dead in her tracks. Waiting for my answer. I ylook unsure, carrying on walking, it was hardly a difficult decision, but I didn't want to disappoint my best friend, Coach, my parents or myself.

"Fine. I'll go." I turn to face Ruth and my arms slop to my sides. She squeals in delight as she flails her arms around, getting a few weird looks from passers by. She shrugs them off as normal and links her arm with mine.

"You and I are gonna lead the Tigers to victory! You know that right?!" She shouts in belief, throwing her free hand up in the air, we reach the girls gym lockers. We unlink our arms and place our school bags on the pegs above the small benches. Coach Perry strolls in, holding the register, spotting me, she smiles. I kick my shoes off and shove them under the bench. As I take a seat to take off my tights, Coach steps in front of me,

"So Addison, am I going to see you on the squad this year?" Casually she speaks, she looks excited, yet nervous.

"Yes Coach." I smile. "Of course, why wouldn't I be in the squad?"

"There was a rumour that you weren't serious about cheering anymore. I knew it wasn't true, you are loyal to this squad. Keep it up." She twirls the pen between her fingers, then places the end between her teeth to give me a thumbs up. Whilst she bounced away, I place my tights into my PE bag and put my shorts on.

"What do I do for this team?" Ruth yells, noticing that Coach has left the locker room.

"A lot I guess." I reply,

"You do the same thing as me, and you get all the credit." She laughs as she pulls her polo shirt over her head. Some other cheerleading girls give us a small glance, we try not to notice, but we can't help being looked at.

"Do you reckon we need our trainers?" Ruth laughs to me, trying ever so hard to stop laughing at our onlookers.

"I don't think so, we're in the gym." I giggle as I throw my hair over and secure it with an elastic band. Tossing my hair back, I pay all my hair down to get rid of all the lumps in my ponytail.

"Okay. Girls. Sit in a straight line along the wall." Coach traces an invisible line by the wall to her left, beside the trampolines. We all file along the wall before being told to sit.

"Okay toda-" A knocking from the door to our left fills our ears from the echo in the room. Coach sighs, not being able to finish her sentence.

"Yes?!" She shouts, placing her hand in her hip. Ruth looks to me and laughs like a seal, clapping her hands silently. I take a glance at the now open door, my heart stops. He was gorgeous, he squeezed himself through the door and bounced through the gym, towards Coach. He holds a white note in his left hand, I would do anything just to hold that hand. All the girls, fiddle with their hair, or bite their lips flirtatiously, trying to catch his attention. He stands in front of Coach and hands her the note. As he waits for her to read it, he lays both eyes on each and every girl in the line. Nearly killing all of us with just one look. Coach looks up at him, then to the line,

"Addison, you need to go, no need to get changed, go with Troy." My heart starts up again, but racing like a race horse. He flashes me a smile with those white teeth as white as a cloud on a summers day. The girls on either side of me, send me a glare of death, even worse than the one Ruth have to me a half an hour ago. I get up, hardly able to control my jelly legs, my arms, aching from the pain of his handsomeness.

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