The Doctor's companion

An ordinary girl who is having a bad day sees a blue box, after that her day keeps on getting worse...


4. The rakweed scan

 Have you ever been in an MRI can or any time of scan? Well they are nothing compared to the dreaded rakweed scan.

The doctor and Martha lead me inside the tardis then down an extremely long flight of stirs and into a room. At first sight it looked like a torture machine. it had a metallic helmet that had sharp tails sprouting out of it. It hang over a flat bed which had leather restraints on the corners. The scan itself was built into the roof and had jagged edges. I began trembling and i stared at the doctor who appeared to be lost in thought, and then i stared at Martha she wasn't trembling but she had a thin sheen of sweat covering her head. 

 "right then cat, in you get!" said the doctor suddenly. 

 "no way are you mad that thing could kill me!" i shouted in protest.

"cat, listen i promise you that it won't hurt you in the slightest." soothed the doctor

"really?" i asked cautiously

" i cross my hearts," he said, a grin forming on his face. But then suddenly, his face clouded once again as he said "i'm sorry". his response confused me.

"sorry for Wha-" i was cut of by the doctor pressing a small sticker on to my neck. I began to drift out of consciousness and at first i struggled but then i let the darkness take me.

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