The Doctor's companion

An ordinary girl who is having a bad day sees a blue box, after that her day keeps on getting worse...


2. The mysterious man

  I'm in a trunk  and I don't know what to do. A man came in. A tall short haired man. His face bright and smiling but consumed with secrets and he has a young girl with her. Hang on, she my doctor. Dr. Jones. I can't think about that for now, though, because I'm running out of air. I'm feeling faint. I can't stay upright. I'm gonna faint. I fall out of the trunk. 

  "Hello? Hello? Cat? Can you hear me?!" It's Dr. Jones. She confirms my suspicions "it's me. Dr. Jones," ·

  I wake up and they're both staring at me. "I-"

  "No, no, no. Don't try to talk. You've been injected with a cyber sleeper." the mysterious man told me, "I'm the Doctor, and this is, well, you already know Martha."

  I wave at them with a shadow of a smile. He gives me a whiteboard, so that I can communicate with them. I write   'Hello. I am Catarina. Cat for short. I am sorry for intruding in your box. I hope you do not mind. I was being chased by those strange robots.'

  "It's okay, Cat, but, uhm... We aren't on earth anymore. In fact, we aren't even in your timeline. We're on Raxacollicophalipitouious, in the year 9,000,000,000 (nine nonillion).

   'What? I do not believe you.  What is Raxacorecofapitrus?'

  "Here. Let me show you." he reached out and gripped my hand. I wobbled slightly and Martha puled me back up and helped me under my arms. Then, he opened door. 

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