The Doctor's companion

An ordinary girl who is having a bad day sees a blue box, after that her day keeps on getting worse...


3. 'Raxacollicophalipitouious'

  The door was open. The cyber sleeper had worn off. I was hesitant but curious, extremely curious. I edged towards the door oblivious as to what would happen next. 

 The "doctor"  and Martha were already outside. "Come on cat you can't miss this it's amazing. Okay now I had to see what was beyond these doors. I stepped out...

 The first thing I noticed was that the whole planet smelt like vinegar. A few metres in front of me was a large clear body of what I think was water though I wasn't sure. To the south of me was a large jungle with very high trees and to the west of me were some chalky hills. It was extraordinary. I will never forget that day for as long as I live but that may not be for much longer.

"Here," said the Doctor passing me some kind of gas mask. I peered at him in a way as if to say "what is this?!"  he had obviously picked up on this because he said "there's a sort of toxic plant here and these stop you from inhaling the toxins from it,"

 "Oh, what does it look like?" I asked timidly. 

" that," he replied pointind at a green plant with a crimson red flower perced on top of it "it's called rakweed". As soon as he pointed it out I realised that I had seen  that very week.

"*gasps* oh my god I-I-I've seen those before I'm gonna die aren't I oh my god i'm dying!" 

 " no no no you're not what you saw was probably a litlle innocent flower that you haven't seen before and you saw this plant now and because they look similar." Said Martha

 "Well-" said the Doctor but martha cut in.

 "Doctor!" Scolded martha "give us a minute cat"

They turned their backs to me and began a hushed yet heated discussion.After a while they turned back around and grinned at me. 

"Cat, we're going to play this safe and take you back into the tardis to do a quick rakweed scan" said the doctor taking my shaking hands.

 Martha smiled at me . I knew that smile it was the ​we'll tell you that "you're going to be fine and the scan is just to play it safe" but really we think you're a dead man walking.


​you're probably wondering how I know this. I know this because I have cancer.

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