Emma and Michael get there child Kayla back and as soon as she comes back something happens to Emma and Michael thinks it's all his fault will they remain a couple read to find out.
~Another Sequel~
Dude I'm gonna make a sequel to a sequel which is basically a sequel to this!!! Okay thanks for your support!


4. chapter 4

Michael's POV:

I was sitting there beside Emma's hospital bed and held her Hand like last time.I said Emma please don't be mad at me anymore I-I I love you.I then see her eyes flicker open then I call a nurse in.She checks her and says she needs to stay over night the nurse said.i then heard Emma speak up.

She said,"Michael will you stay with me?"

I said,"sure Emma anything we need to talk though."

Emma said,"Michael?Why am I here?I remember I said I would stay out of your lives but I don't want that!"

I said,"neither do I..."

Emma said,"I remember cutting myself."

She looks down and see'a pretty much her while arms are covered in marks from her cuts.

Emma said,"oh,I remember this I kept thinking of you 4 not in my life and I couldn't handle it before I knew it I was out of control and I couldn't help it!"

I said,"that's exactly what happend,but the nurse said you lost a lot of blood are you gonna still hang around us we will all miss you so much if you don't!!!"

Emma said,"of course,are we still together?Wait,why would I even ask why would you want a girlfriend that does self harm I'm sorry you can leave if you want."

I said,"Emma I don't care you did that that's the past and I-I love you Emma and I would love it if you came back to my house to live again..I love you Emma."

She said,"I love you michael"

He said,"I love you Emma,and don't listen to the fans they want publicity and they want us to go out with them but I don't want that I want you."

*skips to tomorrow*

Emma's POV:I woke up to balloons everywhere and a banner that said happy birthday!And as soon as they guys saw my eyes open they said happy birthday!They all came over and pulled me into a tight hug.

*skips to Michael's house*

Emma's POV:

Michael said,"Emma you might wanna sit down for this."

I said,"here comes bad news."

Michael smiled and said,"alright come out."

I looked very confused I had know clue what was going on.

I looked at him confused when Kayla came out and said mama really excited and I sat there and cried litterely cried.

Kayla said,"why is mama crying."while looking to michael.

Michael said,"she is very happy your home with your family."

We all hugged then I heard the door open.I looked over to see the guys come in and say Kayla!They all came over and hugged her while she giggled she know all the guys from when we face time her with her foster parents.

Kayla then said,"calum,ashton,lukey!!!"

Luke said,"hey shorty your finely home!!!"

Kayla said,"ya!!!!!!!!"

"Where is Emma?"Calum said

Everyone looked around and knowone saw her.

I started to panic I looked around remembering she shouldn't be out of my sight that's what the doctor said.

"Everyone grab a partner,were splitting up.kayla you come with daddy."I said.

We decided to search the house when Kayla interrupts and says I'm hungry

I texted Luke and Said "will you please take Kayla out to eat?"

"He texts back fast and says sure I'm at the front door."

I told Kayla to go to the front door as I heard the front door shut I continued the search.I walked down the hall and I see Emma laying I the floor I check her palse and there is nothing instead of texting the boys I decide to call 9-1-1 they will understand why I didn't text them I hope.

*the talk on the phone with 9-1-1*

"Hello 9-1-1 what's your emergency?"

I answer very quickly with tears running down my face,"My girlfriend is laying on the ground with no palse please send the nearest ambulance to 2203 west olms den Sydney Australia!"

"Okay sir calm down there already in there way!"

"Okay thank you"I say "please stay Emma."

My eyes begin to fill with tears it's all my fault,it's all my fault!I stay by Emma's side until the ambulance comes and takes her onto the stretcher and I speak up to them.

I say,"Am I aloud to ride in there with her she's my girlfriend."

The nurse girl,"I don't think so we will be doing all kind of tests on the way to the hospital sir I'm sorry."


Okay guys thanks for reading this far I'm gonna take like a 4 day break and will continue this story in the next chapter.

Todaloo mother fuckers!

When I say that⬆️I'm just kidding that's how I sign off so please don't be offended I just find it funny and I hope you do too!

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