Emma and Michael get there child Kayla back and as soon as she comes back something happens to Emma and Michael thinks it's all his fault will they remain a couple read to find out.
~Another Sequel~
Dude I'm gonna make a sequel to a sequel which is basically a sequel to this!!! Okay thanks for your support!


3. chapter 3

I continue sobbing.until I hear Luke speak up

He says,"Emma I don't know....."

Until I cut him off by pulling him into a hug with tears running down my face.

I say,"Luke I can't have you guys getting hate from me I think it would be best if I just stayed out of your guys lives so you won't get hate and you guys just continue with your music I'll promise you one thing I'll never forget you guys okay?"

He nods and says,"we won't forget you either and will you come visit?"

I reply,"Luke I live right down the street!Ill talk to you I just won't go in public with you guys ever again.I think you should go it's getting late."

He nods,"okay by Emma."

Luke's POV:I walked into to Michael's house where everyone was and as soon as I walked in

they said,"did you find her?"

I replied,"yes I can' tell you guys where she is or when she is coming back.I can tell you this I said starting to cry she said she will just stay out of our lives and we will get less hate and Michael I don't know if you two are still a thing...."

Michael's POV:as soon as I hear I don't know if you two are a thing I started to cry then those cries turned to sobs.I felt like everyone was judging me I ran to my room and calum walked in and said something

He said,"let's go,Michael I'm not letting you sit here and cry over your true love."

I said,"thanks Calum but you don't have too."

When we went downstairs Luke and Ashton were gone.we just caught them pulling out they didn't even know we were following them.We followed them to best western and took a different elevator to the too floor Calum and I open the door to see Emma laying on the floor passed out with cuts all up her arms.Luke and Ashton noticed us and started talking.

Luke said,"don't just stand there call the ambulance!!"

Calum did they were on there way when they got Emma I rode in the ambulance with her even though she was pretty much knocked out.when we got there the doctor said she will be fine and that she lost a lot of blood.We jut have to wait for her to wake up.


Hey guys I have decided to publish this book and keep updating so I hope you guy like so far!!It may be a four day wait unless I wanna change that.....

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