Emma and Michael get there child Kayla back and as soon as she comes back something happens to Emma and Michael thinks it's all his fault will they remain a couple read to find out.
~Another Sequel~
Dude I'm gonna make a sequel to a sequel which is basically a sequel to this!!! Okay thanks for your support!


2. chapter 2

Michael and Luke were talking softly to each other trying not to awken me when I'm already awake but just trying to act like I'm sleeping to listen to there conversation.Then I feel luke pull up my braclets and show my 3 deep cuts.I hear michael gasp.Luke then says,"she is scared that knowone is going to be there for her when her baby comes and she needs help.Michael says,"there is no need for her to be scared....But then gets cut off by me acting like I'm just waking up."How did you sleep Emma?i answered sounding very sad,"I guess I'm okay....Michael says, "I think we need to get out and get our minds off this while subject how about you guys?"Me and luke agree.We all hop into Michael's car and drive to the dinner before we go in Michael pulls me into a quick hug then we go in holding hands.Then we sit in a booth waiting for the waiter to come when a girl comes over and says,"what are you doing with my man?"She asked as Michael has his arm around me.I say,"what do you mean?"She says," no whore is gonna go around touching my man I'm a really big fan of 5sos and your touching my man right in front of me!!"I try to speak while tear fill my eyes but instead I get up quickly and run and run and run.I heard michael and Luke screaming my name,but I don't decide to answer I just gotta get away for a few days.I sneak around and see the town and I have my purse so I check into a hotel room on the highest level.They all keep texting me but I don't answer.I told they lady at the counter don't tell anyone I'm here.Im sitting on my bed and decide to tell Luke where I am and tell him to come alone so I have someone to talk to.

Luke's POV:I get a text from Emma she told me where she was but she doesn't want me to tell any if the guys she said,"come alone I need someone to talk to."

I respond quickly,"I'm on my way!"

She said,"alright."

I wanna get there before she regrets doing anything in the future.

I open the door to her room and she is siting in a like of her own blood dripping from her wrist.With her hand over it as she has seen me come in.

I say,"Emma no,no,no!!"

She said,"Luke I can't have your guys fans tell me I can't be with my boyfriend!Do you not understand how hard this is for me luke I'm not sure i can do this can't this just end?"

Luke says,"What end?"

I say,"Life."

"Emma please please please don't say that you mean to much to me and michael and ash and cal!"Luke says.

"Four people really isn't that much please luke this is something that needs to be done."I say.


"Luke do you really think anyone would care?Knowone would notice it needs to be done luke it needs to!Please let me do it please luke I'm begging you!!"I say.

"Emma why would one of your best friends sit here and let you attempt's not gonna happen.I don't know why you want your life to end so early you know all the things you would miss?Kayla growing up,michael crying everyday because you committed suicide!Me never forgiving my self for letting it happen!Cal and ash would probably go into deep depression we would all go into deep depression."Luke shouts not to loud but mad with a sad mix to it.

"Luke I think it would be best if you leave."I say quitly.

"Why so you can try to commit suicide?Emma I'm sorry to say this but I'm not leaving."he says.

I'm crying really hard my cheeks are probably stained a deep shade of red by now.

"Luke leave NOW!"I say pissed off.

He just sits there and sends something to michael it me talking about me trying to kill myself...What else could happen so bad?Everything else already went worng that could have.

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