Emma and Michael get there child Kayla back and as soon as she comes back something happens to Emma and Michael thinks it's all his fault will they remain a couple read to find out.
~Another Sequel~
Dude I'm gonna make a sequel to a sequel which is basically a sequel to this!!! Okay thanks for your support!


1. chapter 1

(Skips to 1 week before Emma's birthday.)

I walked in from work and sat on the couch and cried.Damn I miss the guys so much!They went on ROWY-SO.Michael said we could come on tour with them when they hit up L.A. I just cried even more when I realized that I get my baby back in 1 week and realize there is knowone to help me out here with the baby I am a 17 year old mother of one a-and my boyfriends not home and never has time to be home.All these thoughts Rome through my head as I continue to cry.I run up to my room and grab my blade man I haven't done this in awhile I sliced 3 deep cuts onto my wrist.I continue to cry when I hear someone open the door and say WERE BACK for like 10 days!!It was luke (when we broke up we were still like best friends)he looks down at me on my bed and says Emma no,no,no why he asks while cleaning me with a damp wash cloth.I just realized I'm a 17 year old girl that is a mother of one and I have knowone to help me with it.He answered what about michael?He's never home he just is always in the studio. Or he has plans.I continue to cry before I knew it those cry's turned to sobs.Luke sat in the edge of my bed and said,"calm down we're gonna get through this."Before I knew it I was sleeping curled up into Luke's chest.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------Authors Note-

~sorry really short chapter in thinking about going through and adding more things to the chapters so be watching(:~

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