Second-Rate Situations (The Collection- Edition)

Everyone has been in a situation that led to embarrassment, feeling down, depression, left out. But only some of us have been in these other situations that not everyone gets to be in. Whether you want to be is your Story to tell another day. Some of these situations led to: Cutting, Suicidal Thoughts, Death, Suicide, Violence, Murder, and much more . . .
(Find Out What Situations Luke J.R Has Been In Today)


4. ~ 3 ~ Continuation, Threats, Dangerous LKII

Situation #A-2

Welcome to Situation A-2, this is where things may get a little unsettling for some readers. The reason why the unsettling chapter has come up early is actually due to it being a very important topic. Without this being an early chapter- there would be no way of me continuing the story. You see, things must start like this in order to get an understanding of what some of us go through in Life. Many of you will have experienced similar events, or possibly exactly the same events. The difference is always going to be how we react to these situations at hand.

Dark days were ahead of our relationship; Life was ready to take away a beauty- ready to take away an innocent young woman. Her heart set on her dream job, dancing- and her mind set on being the best she could possibly be. Her one wish was to take away the pain, to remove all the badness, to take away the sadness. Everything that she wanted out of her life came true. She never ever said once to me that her Life was not worth living. She only ever told me that her biggest fear was believe it or not: Death.

Not only did things pickup in drama, but the real problems were finally resurfacing for one final true ending. The climax to put an end to the story that she hadn’t finished. Kyle, and his pals were all becoming problems in the nearby park. Another group of boys who were known for more dangerous crimes; Arson, and yes stabbings. They were among those who were innocent, they were around to put an end to a great reputation that everyone had built around themselves. The group of boys were actually more of a Gang, known for their tag: LKII. They were not the kindest of Gangs, and were more of a threat due to their public disturbances. Causing trouble wherever they go, and yes, most of them were uneducated. Due to their behaviour, they lost their chance at the school. They were sent to other places, but clearly they didn’t stay on to be better. They became worse, and the fact the gang was growing due to them all scattering into different zones. It made sense that they’d be more of a threat.

Diary Entry – Summer 2015 – Losing A Friend (Part 2)

Dear Diary,

Thanks for the great times here, I’ve written everything down that I wanted to. All my emotions are out in this Diary, and my own heart is now fixed on someone I love more than ever. If anything, writing like this has helped me. It has made me realise how important people are in your life. Especially the ones that you once would call a Stranger. Because yes, she may have been that to begin with, but she was so much more to me in school. I mean, I had her right next to me, and I felt her fear- looking into her eyes made me see how much she truly cared about her own safety. If anything, I want her to feel noticed, to feel special, and everyone else can join in too. Because she is an amazing girl, and she never fails to surprise me.

- End of Entry –

August 2015- The Night of the Incident.

After sharing what felt like an eternity, I guess that’s just how much I was into her. I wanted it to have lasted forever. My feelings were clear, and her emotions were all over her face. Along with that mascara, I’ll admit that got me smiling. It’s because she said in the past: ‘If I ever get mascara down my face like those other girls, I want you to tell me I’m just like them.’ At the time it was more of a joke. But the joke then became more of a personal secret. Like something she didn’t ever want to see on her. I guess it’s because she has never cried with mascara on.

It was beginning to get late, the night was still young but not in a way that would make your parents happy for your to be outside. I mean, it was almost time to call it a night, just to go home- I mean. Instead, Carly wanted me to come with her, and I couldn’t say no. Because I knew that whatever happened next was our destiny, and maybe not at the time- I didn’t think it like that. No, I saw it more as a way to meet her family, get to know her better. A chance to also be with her for a night or two. But it was never about sleeping together; even if that’s what she wanted. I never took advantage- some reason I just couldn’t do it to her. I just couldn’t hurt her, but after Carly- I felt that I could hurt anyone without realising my own actions.

-The Following Content May Pull at Your Heartstrings. I Must You That It Could Get a Little Graphic in Detail. –

Nobody would ever have seen what was to follow- coming. Nobody would have ever expected it to happen to Carly. Because- sure, some people may have had a grudge against her- a problem with her popularity. But deep down, there was always those that cared. If you dug a little deeper; you might just find that trapped soul. That person that you thought hated her- or you. You would find that it was all a disguise, a way to deal with getting over a true friend. Always hiding from the situation. Always trying to be someone you’re not, in order to move on.

Carly & I had been walking back from the School for several hours- we stopped occasionally, just to walk through the shops. Check out some new brands, new items, and new merchandise. She had her heart set on a necklace of all things to dream of. I saw that she wanted it from the moment she pulled me into the store. I’ll tell you, she was quite something. She had her own special-self-motive. Like it made her stand out due to the way she would deal with certain situations. I loved the uniqueness from her, and never realised it until I looked back on it. Remembering the times where she was like that. Because there is nobody out there with her exact same mind, her exact same-self-motives. You see, that’s what makes us all special, the differences, the changes. Our appearance up to the way we think about Life. The way we word things, and that is another reason to enjoy being with Carly.

It wasn’t long until the real Night was reaching us. At the time, I never would have seen it as a dark moment in my Life. Just an ordinary night, only difference is I’m spending with someone I had a connection with. Apart from that, it was as if nothing had changed. I was so mistaken to have thought like this- because the Night proven to me that things can change in amazingly short timings. Her life was coming to an end, and thanks to those that gave up on her- she had nobody else to turn to but me.

Walking through the Park- she just wanted to take a few pics, enjoy the scenery (not much to look at) but it made her happy. And I really saw it as a chance to begin something new. To turn over a new leaf, to fix the state she was in. Because for that short amount of time- I saw a smile, and it made me feel so happy, I smiled back with actual tears. I can’t lie- these tears were me crying in happiness. To see her smiling was something I had never expected to bring her way. But the next events that followed were out of my control, and it was all down to a simple mistake.

Trapped in the middle of the Park; several gangs came in from left-right side. This was the moment where she felt vulnerable again, she just happened to know one of the dangerous boys. Her popularity sure got her into a mess. I wasn’t prepared to leave her to fend them off alone. I actually tried, but either way- there were more of them than there were of me. Kyle also showed up, in his hoodie, with his pals that just wanted to be in on the action. An argument soon broke out, and violence outbursts came out of nowhere. Shouting, lots of shouting- and by that point- somebody had actually called the emergency services- Police, because they all being too loud with their swearing, and their tone towards each other. It didn’t surprise me that all this was going to land them into trouble.

Carly amongst all of them, including me- was innocent. Of course the dangerous gang- LKII did not that it that way. I never expected this gang to also be home to several adults, and much older teenagers. They even had weapons, and that was enough to freak anybody out. To see a chain, a penknife, and other weapons- even a fucking crowbar! – Baseball bat, check. And anything else you may see in Gangs was being used here. And even if the emergency services were on their way. Don’t matter- because the fact was that this gang had one thing in mind. Hurting Carly, and making Kyle pay for whatever it is that he had done before.

Now for what actually started the first violent act- these words:

“I don’t give a fuck- if you keep on trying to run away from us. What the hell are you expecting?”

“Look, either way- it’s your fucking fault we’re here. Your stupid texts made it more known.”

This is when two guys started to fight each other. By this point, the time was late- and the night sky was already beginning to form shadows in the Park. And for those of you have never experienced walking through a Park on a night time, late around 12-1:00 AM. Trust me, you don’t want to. The shadows and voices are enough to scare anyone. But if you’re brave enough and go through it, you are almost (100%) most of the time going to get stopped. And somebody is going to be drunk, laughing, or just overall acting crazy. The usual things they’ll say are: Where you going? Or- You got a spliff mate? (spliff = cigarette) or maybe you know it more as a ‘fag.’

Anyway, these two guys were now in a violent brawl with each other, and yes- there was blood drawn. I have no idea how it got so out of control in under five minutes. But it somehow did- and it surprised me to be honest. Carly at this point was backing away with me following behind. It wasn’t long until stupid Kyle got them talking to us. They assumed we were with Kyle, and started to bully Kyle, throwing his belongings across the grass. The other guys from the gang begun to kick Kyle’s knees, flooring him to the ground. (Swerving their legs around his) Kyle fell to the ground with is nose hitting the ground. Carly didn’t have much to do with Kyle, but the fact that she looks out for others shows her better side. To be honest, I wouldn’t have minded whether she did protect him- she was just looking out for those who were vulnerable. Herself included, but she was too zoned out to be honest. She just didn’t know how to react to all this.

“Yo- C-Carly? Carly, right?” A dude with a full baggy hoodie (dark grey) stood in front of her.

This is when I actually started to talk: “Yo, I don’t care what you’re doing or what you’re up to. That’s your business man. But I’ll tell you what, she has nothing to do with this. I can promise ya that.”

He then proceeded on doing what most (idiots) do- tried to show he was better than us. His eye movement along with his facial expression proved it. As he tried to make us flinch, and to be honest- he was a show off more than anything.

He laughed, smirking as if it was all a game. “Yeah, that’s what I thought BRO. Now fuck off- she is way more pussier than u is no doubt.”

I know, you can question the way he talks. But that’s actually how he said it.

Carly started to talk for herself. She clearly was sick off them, and just wanted to go home at this point.

“Whatever. We’re going anyway, Jord.”

So, she happens to know this guy. Apparently, she knew his brother- who was surprisingly now a dangerous criminal. His older brother is actually more of ‘I want to do this, and I want to be proud of it.’ As for ‘Jord’ known as ‘Jordan’- he was less, and just wanted to be a rebellion. Cause some mischief and be a threat in the park or on streets.

“Na. You not just leaving-“ Jordan grabbed Carly’s sleeve, as he actually managed to rip the middle of Carly’s shirt. She was wearing the long sleeves kind of jumper / shirt. I’ve seen it before, fashion perhaps?

Carly pulled herself away from his grasp, and yeah- you could really tell she was sick of them. The fact that Jordan was almost abusing her is what made me start to feel angry inside.

“YES I AM” Carly shouted, she was sick of Jordan. I couldn’t blame her; I was sick of him too. Even though I only just met the geez.

It wasn’t long until all you could hear was loud voices, shouting- laughing, and overall trying to prove who’s the bigger person. Who deserves all the respect, and who should be feared.

You can call it pathetic but this happens. And it’s not something that happens rarely. It happens on occasions.

“Yo, FAM, what the fuck is going on here? Is that bird causing shit?” Two guys run over to Carly and me, their hoods put up as they sprint.

Jordan was clearly enjoying this. He was smiling, he was laughing when he wanted to. And overall- he was trying to humiliate one of us.

“Na, just some skints. Fucking slag! She won’t even come with me for a trip…”

Jordan tripped her up while the other two were pushing me back shouting at me. “Come on then big man!” – “What the fuck you gonna do?” – “Nothin’ cuz you can’t do shit with those flaccid arms” – “fkin dunce” and it was all just insult after insult- shouting at me like they’re the stereotypical guys you might class them as.

Wasn’t long until Carly was now actually on the floor with Jordan kicking her in the ribs. I pushed past the first one and bombed ‘punched’ the other one in the face with full power. I ran to Carly pushing Jordan onto the ground. The three of them started to get even more chaotic and it wasn’t long until those so-called weapons were used. Jordan bailed out, he actually sprinted off away from everyone. Leaving the park.

The other two stayed while the fourth guy finally came over from beating up Kyle. I could see Kyle just lying on the ground with his hood over his head. Wasn’t long until I realised Jordan actually having a Molotov in his possession. He threw it right near Kyle, but it wasn’t as close as you’d think. A fire was now on part of the grass, and that’s when I all I could see was Kyle’s hoodie being lit up by the flames lighting. I helped Carly up while everyone else ran off with Jordan. They sprinted it like crazy, and they knew what they had done too. Looking back on it, I actually feel like the reason the flames spread so quickly was due to the alcohol that was spilt on purpose. Yes, and it was confirmed to be just that.

I helped Carly stand up, letting her rest on my shoulder. I told her that Kyle isn’t moving, and that’s when she started to feel for the guy more. ‘Okay… help him, Luke. Please’ I never understood why she cared so much. Kyle was quite a bully to be honest. But then again, I wasn’t going to question it- bully or not, he did not come round with weapons. Just when I thought the situation had died down without the dangerous gang being around. Jordan came back by himself and actually attempted theft from Kyle’s unconscious body. Taking his cash, his phone and pretty much anything he could get in a hurry.

I got Carly to a safer location and ran towards Kyle, chasing off Jordan as he still thought he was a big man- shouting stuff like (while he was running): ‘Fuck off fam, you ent taking me down for this.’ And he then said: ‘LKII mofa- fuckin prick, get the fuck off u mong’ and that’s just when things got embarrassing for him. I proceeded to push him over, and take what he stole. But instead, I only got the phone back- cracked but back. I ran over to Kyle and by that point, the emergency services were just coming from down the road.

Everything was going chaotic. But the fire wasn’t going to put an end to anyone. Kyle wasn’t moving, I tried lifting him up more and it didn’t do anything. I even tried what I could to stop the flames but no use. The fact that Jordan threw a Molotov was the fear highlight of that day. I just couldn’t believe that a guy like him would do something like that. Sure, he was dangerous but he didn’t come with weapons. His mates did, and that made me question him and his motives. . .

- To Be Continued in The Next Chapter -

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