Second-Rate Situations (The Collection- Edition)

Everyone has been in a situation that led to embarrassment, feeling down, depression, left out. But only some of us have been in these other situations that not everyone gets to be in. Whether you want to be is your Story to tell another day. Some of these situations led to: Cutting, Suicidal Thoughts, Death, Suicide, Violence, Murder, and much more . . .
(Find Out What Situations Luke J.R Has Been In Today)


3. ~ 2 ~ Popular Girl, Sad Beginnings, Losing A Friend

Not everyone can be saved from their fate. I never knew, I never saw it coming, but the darker days were only getting closer by the minute. Who would've thought that what turned out to be a wonderful week of keeping someone you Love safe. Keeping someone you have feelings for, close. I never would've guessed that the Dark Nights would end our bond. End our relationship, and take away my dear friend, the girl of my dreams . . .

Situation #A-1

Welcome to Situation A-1, this is where things may get a little unsettling for some readers. The reason why the unsettling chapter has come up early is actually due to it being a very important topic. Without this being an early chapter- there would be no way of me continuing the story. You see, things must start like this in order to get an understanding of what some of us go through in Life. Many of you will have experienced similar events, or possibly exactly the same events. The difference is always going to be how we react to these situations at hand.

Diary Entry- Summer 2012- Losing A Friend

Dear Diary,

Morning has finally reached me through the darkness I feared ahead of me. I mean, I have assumptions on what’s going to happen to her, but I don’t like to think about it like that. She is what I would call ‘Hope,’ and she hasn’t failed anyone so far. In all honesty, I don’t know who to turn to, and the only turns I’m doing to be truthful are just tilting to one side of the bed, left or right. Weird, because I always said to myself that moving around from left to right has always had different effects on me. You see, I dreamt of her on my left side, but on the right, I saw her once. There must be a reason for that, and after watching videos on how dreams work, (to their knowledge) and how some dreams are effected in ways we sleep. I think I got my answer, left and right has many differences. It’s all to do with the brain according to that video.

I’m writing today because like I said; I don’t have anyone to turn to. I owe it all to my other friend really, Alice, she’s just been great as of late. I mean, she let me borrow her diary to write things in. If that isn’t a bond, I don’t know what is. She’s a great friend, and without her, I wouldn’t be here today. Thank you- if you do read this, Alice. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. She’ll thank you too one day, it’s probably just too early to tell.

- Page 2 –

I’m really no good with this whole diary thing. Alice has been telling me to write whatever my mind says. It’s like having an imaginary friend… I never got one of those, unless talking to yourself as a kid counts as that. Still not sure what to do. She’s out there having a real fucking tough time out there. Always on my mind lately, and there don’t seem to be a way to get her out of the mind. Counselling is one way I guess, but it’s not going to do any good. It’s clear that she needs help more than me, I’m just worried about her I guess. Shit, I’m starting to sound like her parents… well, tomorrow I’m going to talk to her again. Try and help her, make it work because she thinks that nobody cares about her. All the douches that walk past her are just making her feel more down. FML

- Page 3 –

Fuck. The guys around her are not making her feel wanted. She’s thrown out, ignored, and just overall dead. I mean, she’s like- not with it anymore. I look at the other girls- they all fine, and all dressed up and whatnot- makeup and shi’ but she’s still trying, but the makeup on her is becoming more clear that she’s depressed. I mean, little to no effort in appearance, but when she is all fixed up- she looks fucking beautiful. I want to see that side of her again. I miss that side of her, she’d talk more, and she’d be more down-to-Earth. Now, she’s just out there feeling sorrier, feeling more down, and if it goes any further… I fear the worst is to come.

= End of Entry –

It’s like 3:00 AM, and Alice has kept me up all night talking to me about what she is looking forward to. Yeah, we kind of shared a laugh or two, but it was a great night. And she still didn’t want to let it end, kept it going by joking around, and overall just being herself. I mentioned the girl to her again, she was interested in knowing more info on her, but she didn’t seem that bothered that the girl was really depressed. In fact, she said that she’s fine, and that the girl is not feeling down at all. Whether that was a lie, I don’t know. But the fact that she then said: ‘meet me, early at the school.’ I was like, sure. I mean, it can work. I can get up early, I hate it but I can do it.

7:30- earliest I was going to get there at, and we had like 2 hours until actual school started. Well, an hour & a half. Same thing though, an hour can feel like two hours when you’re bored. Alice surprised me, jumping out from behind the shrubbery, she looked at me with her bright blue eyes. I was like ‘yeah, you got me. Fucking early, don’t you think?’ She was then going on about how getting up early was more of a drag, than an actually feeling like a great morning. She even doubted the meetup idea, and wanted to go home instead. I talked her out of it, she was up for staying if it meant more jokes, more laughs, and a whole lot more fun together.

A dude called Kyle in school actually turned up early also. Not sure why, but it soon became obvious why he and a few of his pals turned up earlier than usual. Kyle wasn’t interested in staying though, neither was I to be honest. One of his pal’s- I believe his name was ‘Joe’ went over to Alice, and she told him to ‘fuck off.’ Obviously, she hates him. Not sure why, probably had a bad past experience with him or something. She did mention that a dude was too much of a try-hard. Yeah, I guess there’s that to go by. Kyle and his mates were gone in no time, and thank god too. Kyle is a complete dick, and if I ever have to see that guy again- I might end up killing him. (Shit)

Later throughout school hours, it was near the end of the day, and that’s when I saw her again. She was coming out of Sports- I believe, she must’ve gone the gym or something. She walked out with a few of her friends, and the rest of the girls walking behind her in (what should’ve been a line?) Who cares. Anyway, she looked fine, I mean, she was happy with her friends, and she was smiling. But then I remembered the ‘fake smile’ and how it fools everyone- well, it’s supposed to fool everyone. The fake smile is a technique, a tactic to stop others from interfering. Yes, it is actually supposed to mean: ‘help me’ but nobody really catches on to it usually. So, it’s kind of common- and sometimes you can’t tell if it’s a fake smile or a real smile. So, it’s always best to try to figure it out before you are 100% fooled.

I was walking down the hallway near one of the Exits, I chose to take the one that passes Sports Hall, and also goes past the Gym. I guess I did it to make sure she was okay. But to my surprise she came out of the room, and saw me with my spiked up hair- like short spiked, I’d never go for the crazy spiked hair at that time. She had her handbag, and looked at me for a short moment- until talking to me before I could even walk down the stairs. The other girls giggling as they walked past, and others just walking past talking to each other. We were now standing facing each other, and she was telling me: ‘thanks for looking out for me, I’m sorry I didn’t thankyou before.’ I was at this point a little confused, I mean, yeah, I have been looking out for her. But I never expected a thankyou from her.

It wasn’t long until Alice interfered, walking past us at first until she stopped to talk to us. Mostly me though, she was more concerned with me than the girl who has been feeling depressed in secrecy. That is when the grimmer days started to rise from the dead. Only an hour had passed feeling like it had been around a month since everything was just so great with friends, pals, and everyone I knew. The girls were great, and the one who was feeling depressed soon got into my life completely.

(Yes, I’ll admit we shared a bond, we shared a kiss, and that is just the start)

Outside school, Alice not knowing about our secrets. Me and the girl, and yes I will reveal her name now:

Carly. Her name was Carly and she was beautiful, (I’ve said this already) but she was. She was amazing!

So, behind Alice’s back, (not that it mattered, she never even gave Carly a chance)- me and Carly were together resting against one of the school walls. A building that not many go by, and since everyone was leaving for the day. I had Carly with me, peaceful everywhere else. Nobody was in sight, just me and her talking to each other. Alice did text me at this point, and even tried to call. But I did not answer due to how much I wanted to keep Carly safe. She was vulnerable to any of the bullies, and anyone who just wanted to take a whack at her too. Alice probably went looking for me, but I was too busy not caring about that. It was Carly & me time, and I enjoyed it for once.

Sharing a kiss was actually down to both of us wanting it. She did come onto me but I couldn’t blame her, I mean, I knew we had some kind of bond from the moment I cared about her. Yes, my mates would have complained, my pals would have said: ‘use her and make the other one jealous.’ No. I’m not going to use her, not when everything is going right for once. Not when it’s our night, our chance to be together for once. After a few kisses, it did turn into smooching- and soon became making out. Yes, I am admitting to this. It was obviously Love due to how much we felt for each other.

Now, some of you may be like; so this girl who is beautiful, not fat, not ugly- stop with the stereotypes. Yes, she was amongst the most popular girls in school. She was even the leader of a few sports, and yes, her favourites were: Ice Skating, Dancing, Cheer Leading (She loved that)- oh, and she also liked Drama surprisingly. It was interesting to see her no longer all that, no longer the one who is strong, active, confident with herself. Her beauty was the same, but the mascara coming down her face told a different story. I’ll admit that after the making out, it did lead to her wanting me to come her place. I did agree to it, but that’s the problem. Maybe, we moved to quick. Maybe there was a way to save her from the events that followed after . . .

- Continues In The Next Chapter -

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