Second-Rate Situations (The Collection- Edition)

Everyone has been in a situation that led to embarrassment, feeling down, depression, left out. But only some of us have been in these other situations that not everyone gets to be in. Whether you want to be is your Story to tell another day. Some of these situations led to: Cutting, Suicidal Thoughts, Death, Suicide, Violence, Murder, and much more . . .
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2. ~ 1 ~ New School, New Class, New Relationships

I hate it when you’re in this situation too. Okay, so, I was debating whether to make a second Mumble right after the first one. And I guess I just want to share these events / situations with you all, because I have no doubt that any of you have been through something similar like these. Honestly, it’s fine if you have, it’s what makes us Human. But if you haven’t, count yourself lucky for now. Because soon, it will happen, and you will have the same experience with different feelings towards it. Again, that’s what makes us different.

Situation: #A

You start a new Class, and you’ve got your pals from last year. You know them well, they know you well, and everything starts to sound great. Cool, new class or Err, a new class that is going to be just as boring as last year. Either one of them is right, but when you think about it. The second one is more honest, and yeah, I hate it. It is always the same like last year, but when it comes to the later year’s guys. You will find yourself in new situations. Moving on, so, you talk to your pals, and they won’t shut up about how boring this is going to be. Until one of them says stuff like: “Yeah, but we have each other throughout this year. Without you-s, I’d be leaving this place.” So yeah, it becomes official that they don’t want to stay. But since you’re staying, and the others are staying, and you are in the same class together. Yep, you guessed it, they are staying because they actually don’t care about lessons. Same with me though, I had the exact same thoughts, opinions, and I made it very clear to the school. But again, that’s a different story for another time.

After the talks, the laughs, and god knows what else that your pals talk about. It then comes to the time where it’s getting close to the end of lesson. And your pals have just seen the ones they want to be in a relationship with. Or they will say this: “It would be great if we could just be friends with her.” And then you question that, but he gets all defensive over it. So, you have your answer. He likes her, and he wants her. Simple as that, even if he says ‘friends’ it doesn’t mean shit. Because it’s obvious that he wants to be with her more than anything. The first week is now over, and it’s time for a weekend. Yay, and this then leads to the ongoing messages from your pals.

Fuck, it’s so annoying that I can’t be with her. Always happens to me.

(Yeah, like I’m going to feel sorry for you. You have that option to go to her, nothing is stopping you except you.)

You like one of them too, don’t ya?

(Because you already dragged me into your stupid world of imagination. You want that girl. So, why not drag me into it too, might as well. Because it makes you look less of an idiot alone.)

So yeah, you’re then dragged into it, and reveal that you like some of the girls in your new class. But then the guy who knows he can’t ask anyone out. The guy who can’t even go over to them, or even say anything to them- starts pushing you into peer pressure. Like this: “You should talk to her then, for all the time I’ve been with you- you’ve never said anything you say you’re going to do.” Making you feel like a joke, and the real facts are: Yeah, well without your idiocy. I spoke to many, and that was without you. In fact, when I was by myself, they would talk to me. So, you give into this peer pressure. Even if you said you’re not going to let him get to you. You do, and eventually, it comes to the time where you say this:

Alright, I’ll do it then just to prove you wrong, (insult)

To make you feel more peer pressured, the dude doubts you. Ha, ha, of course you will.

When in reality, not even the one who is peer pressuring you can say boo to a goose.

After that, it comes to the day where you two pals are together and you see the girls you like opposite you. This is as common as it goes. Seriously, it happens every single time. So, your pal has kept quiet for the day, and hasn’t said anything about what you said. Know why? Because in reality, he knows that he can’t say anything to them either. He keeps quiet for the day so you remember it, and don’t need reminding. Oh, and he is most likely jealous of you. Yeah, I said it, this guy is obviously jealous of me. He doesn’t know me much clearly. Because my past is full of talking to the opposite sex. Like I said, it was always friends- and then on occasions it would turn out to be more than friends. Anyway, you have a lesson where it’s a perfect opportunity to talk to them.

But you see two other dudes near them, and you think… ‘are these girls taken?’ And then it makes things even more complicated. So, you don’t go through with it because you have second thoughts. Thinking that these girls are actually already in a relationship. Most of the time, that is true. But sometimes it’s a risk, because they might just be talking to the girls. Simple as that, but of course you always make assumptions. As did my pal, he too made assumptions and started (whining) being miserable and saying how it’s unfair, blah, blah, blah. Nobody cares.

After the day ends, that’s when the dude says by message – text message – or whatever. You will get this message or something similar to it:

You didn’t say anything to them.

I replied:

Neither did you.

He then goes quiet and another day soon arrives where you’re at each other’s throats yet again.

‘We need to say something to them.’

Never going to happen when we keep arguing about it. When we keep making assumptions. I mean come on! FFS

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