Second-Rate Situations (The Collection- Edition)

Everyone has been in a situation that led to embarrassment, feeling down, depression, left out. But only some of us have been in these other situations that not everyone gets to be in. Whether you want to be is your Story to tell another day. Some of these situations led to: Cutting, Suicidal Thoughts, Death, Suicide, Violence, Murder, and much more . . .
(Find Out What Situations Luke J.R Has Been In Today)


1. ~ 0 ~ Introduction

Welcome Readers, Movellians, Fans- Of All Ages, (Teens, Adults, Kids) - Possibly Elderly? (Eh I tried) Lol

I Also Recommend You Readers To Listen To The Music From The YouTube Video In This Movella.

You may need some tissues, toilet paper- whatever. But you are going to need to listen to the video in order to actually feel the atmosphere of the moments that happened. It's the best to tell the story- with music. :' )

You are about to experience a Story / Journal on everything that a Teenager / Young Adult has / will experience-(d) in their lifetime. Whether that is Suicidal Thoughts, Drinking Problems, Violence, Overdosing, Drunk Crimes, or even smaller situations like: Embarrassment, Lying To Friends, Betrayal, Vengeance, Hurting Others, - is entirely down your Life. You all have your own Stories to tell, or else you wouldn't have come here. Whether your stories are more effective than mine (well, that's fine. Your stories demand to be heard right away, my stories must be shared to all of you. I'm sharing them because they have changed me as a person. They have made me become someone better. 

Welcome To Luke J.R's Life . . .

WARNINGFollowing Chapters may contain: Violence, (Mild Violence)- Suicidal Discussions, Upsetting Content, Emotional Stories, Dark Elements, Bad Language, (Swears) Yeah, just in case 'Bad Language' don't sum it up. Aggressive Undertones, Real Life Events, Content You May Be Able To Relate To, (might upset you)- Offensive Language. (Again, just in case the other warning don't work)- IT DOES NOT CONTAIN IMAGES! 

Thank-You For Reading,

(I Look Forward To Reading Your Life Stories, Also)

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