Wicked Wonderland

Fiona Alana (does not have a last name) who like in Alice in wonderland follows something yet it is not a white rabbit but a tune that the Cheshire Cat plays. When she gets to where the tune is played and can hear it like it is next to her she blacks out and awakens in a place where it's upside down! Everything isn't as it seems and she still follows the tune the Cheshire is playing. Along the way she meets a(n) insane hatter and over-hyper rabbit that tells her a riddle that she solves along the way. Yet during her adventure and meeting the Cheshire in odd times she starts falling for someone and that someone is the Cheshire who in the end is her solution to the Mad Hatters riddle. Yet when she blacks out again she awakens back in her world with a red ribbon with a little gold bell for her to journey back to where her loved one lays waiting.


1. Trouble is a friend







          When I was little girl that line from the movie, Alice in Wonderland, stuck with me where ever I went. When I went to school and my classmates were goofing around my teacher would say something and I would answer her that same line. Yet that was years ago now, I’m in high school and being 16 doesn’t really help anything. For me it seems like we are still in 2nd grade. But now it’s getting strange, and by strange I mean stranger. I feel like somebody is following me and I keep hearing a tune but it’s really faint and I can’t tell where it’s coming from. Yet now a cat-eared boy haunts my dreams and he’s playing the same tune as the one I hear and I reach out to him but that’s when I wa-.





          “Shut up. . . stupid clock.” I say when I open one eye to look at the broken alarm clock that lays smashed on the ground. I groan and sit up and put my head in my hand and rubbing my temple trying to ease my oncoming headache. “Fiona! Wake up or you’ll be late!” I hear the keeper yell up to me. Yep you heard right keeper as in orphanage keeper. I’m an orphan have been since I was born they couldn’t find any family to take me and nobody would adopt me so I’ve been here for 16 years. “Fiona did you hear me!?” She yelled up again. “I’m up! I’m up geez you don’t have to yell!” I yell back down at her. ‘Damn I just yelled she’s going to use that against me. . .’ I sigh and get up and start getting ready for the day. I pull out a pair of blue, purple, and black striped tights. I take of my pajama pants and put the tights on and also put on a black skirt. I pull on a (n) Alice in Wonderland shirt that say’s my favorite line we’re all mad here. I put my hair in a side braid and grab my bag and run down the stairs and run through the kitchen while grabbing a piece of toast with the keeper yelling after me yet when I open and shut the door I’m greeted by the sounds of the outside world, and the tune. I breathe in and out and start walking while eating my piece of toast on my way to school. This is how it always is me walking alone. Nobody at the school wants to walk or be friends with me since I’m a(n) orphan. I feel the tears pricking my eyes and I shake my head to clear my thoughts. I let out a sigh and keep going towards the school and look up at the sky. I barely notice that I was close to the school when I heard everyone yelling. I look in front of me and see everyone hanging out outside before school starts. I just walk past everyone and go to my locker. I get there and open it up and place everything in there and grab the books I need and shut my locker. I turn t the side when a arm is put right in front of my face. I blink and look to see who the arm belongs to when I see the star quarter back with his “gang” psh jocks. I roll my eyes and try going under but he stops me. . . again. “Now where do you think you’re going?” He says to me trying (keyword: trying) to be seductive. I sigh and glare at him. “Listen I don’t know who made a bet with you about trying to seduce me but listen bud it isn’t happening so get out of my face.” I say coldly and move his arm forcefully out of my way and continue walking to my home room. I turn my head to the side and see them staring at me and I smirk. I get to my home room and go and sit down in the back and place my head in my hand and look out the window watching everyone be happy. I frown and look up at the sky. ‘Why can’t I be happy for once? ’ I feel the tears I pushed away coming again and shake my head and sigh. I promised to never cry in public again and I’m not going to break that promise now. Everyone starts coming into the class room and sit down when the bell rings. The teacher walks in along with a boy. ‘He looks familiar. . .’ I thought while looking at him. Then the image of the cat-eared boy flashes in front of my eyes. My eyes widen in shock and my breath gets caught in my throat. I don’t hear what the teacher says but that boy is now staring at me and I’m staring back. It’s like everything has melted around us and we’re the only one’s here. Oh god that sounds real cliché I’ve been reading to many romance novels. Then he starts walking yet we haven’t broke eye connect until he is stand right beside me. He’s the first one to break eye connect and goes and sits behind me. I feel his eyes on my back burning holes through my clothes and skin and right into my soul. I blink and see everyone staring with confusion at us. My face starts to turn bright red. The teacher clears her throat and starts to take roll. That’s how most of my day went him being in my class and staring at me or feeling his eyes on me. After the last bell rang I practically ran to my locker and grabbed my bag and ran outside. I stopped to catch my breath in front of the playground when I heard the tune louder than before. I bite my lip wonder if I should follow it or not. I closed my eyes and turned and ran after the sound. I kept running and stopping catching my breath and listening to the sound. When I finally got to the place it was being played I was in the middle of the woods. I turned in a full circle but didn’t see anyone. I stumbled and placed my hand on my head and closed my eyes but that made it worse. When I opened my eyes I stated to see black. I fell to my knees and onto my stomach and blacked out not knowing what was going to happen would change my life forever.            

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