Wicked Wonderland

Fiona Alana (does not have a last name) who like in Alice in wonderland follows something yet it is not a white rabbit but a tune that the Cheshire Cat plays. When she gets to where the tune is played and can hear it like it is next to her she blacks out and awakens in a place where it's upside down! Everything isn't as it seems and she still follows the tune the Cheshire is playing. Along the way she meets a(n) insane hatter and over-hyper rabbit that tells her a riddle that she solves along the way. Yet during her adventure and meeting the Cheshire in odd times she starts falling for someone and that someone is the Cheshire who in the end is her solution to the Mad Hatters riddle. Yet when she blacks out again she awakens back in her world with a red ribbon with a little gold bell for her to journey back to where her loved one lays waiting.


2. He's the Cheshire Cat?!

I groaned and sat up and put my hand on my forehead trying to calm my raging headache. I keep my eyes closed and take deep even breaths. When I open my eyes I blink in surprise. . . “W-where am I?” I asked myself looking around. I start getting up slowly and blinked again and looked down at my clothes. “Huh a bell but it doesn’t make nose.” I say out loud. . . wait as long as I don’t talk back to myself then I am not crazy. I turn around in a circle when I stop when I heard a twig snap. I turn slowly to see when I see a boy with bunny ears? White bunny ears? I blink again and shake my head and mumble “I must be dreaming” over and over again. When he blinks and stares at me. His eyes widen in shock and his mouth is open and shutting like a fishes. “A-Alice?” He asks quietly and takes a step forward and I see tears forming in his eyes. “I-I’m sorry but I’m not Alice my name is Fiona.” I say quietly back and bite my lip. ‘Alice must have been a friend or more to him. . .’ I thought to myself when he rubs his eyes laughing softly. “Ah I see sorry you just look familiar.” He says and flashes a fake smile and turns around with his head down and his shoulders shaking and fists clenched. I take a step forward and another until I’m right behind him and bring my arms up and wrap them around him holding trying to comfort him as best as I could. “I. . . I know how it feels to lose someone. I never meant them though but when I was told when I was able to understand that they left me I cried. . . Whenever I was at the playground I would see families together I had tears falling. But it gets better for some they forget the pain or just push it away. B-but its okay to cry.” I say stuttering the last bit when a tear rolls down my cheek and I bite my lip to stop the rest. His knees give out and we both fall onto our knees with him crying his heart out and I holding him showing somebody was there that cared. He deserves that more than I do. That’s how we stayed for awhile until his crying turned into sniffling. I wipe the rest of the tears away with my thumb and smiling softly at him. “You feel better know?” I ask softly and he nods and looks back at me. “Y-you remind me of her. W-what did you say you’re name was?” He asked me and my smile stays. “My name is Fiona Alana I don’t have a last name only a middle and first.” I reply back with my smile still up. “It’s nice to meet you Fiona I’m the white rabbit.” He says while smiling with his eyes closed. While mine widen in shock and stare at him. He opens his eyes and his smile turns to a frown and raises an eyebrow at me with confusion writing all over his face. “What did I say something wrong?” He asked and I could only sit there. ‘T-the white rabbit like in Alice in Wonderland. . .’ I thought when he snapped his fingers in front of my face making me jump. “Are you okay Fiona you spaced o-.” I stopped him with my finger against his lips and look around hearing that tune. “Do you hear that?” I ask and stand up turn around trying to find where it was coming from. “Oh that? That’s the Cheshire’s pan playing he usually doesn’t play a lot.” The white rabbit says and also stands up. I bite my lip and grab his hand and start running towards the sound. I stopped to catch my breath and to listen to what direction it was coming from when I started running again and stopped in front of a cherry blossom tree. I blink and look around when I see the white rabbit looking up at the branches and I turn to face the tree and look up slowly and see what he was staring at and my eyes widen in shock and I take a step back. He stops playing and looks down at me and his eyes widen also and we stare in shock at each other. While the white rabbit was looking back and fourth between us with confusion. The Cheshire and I point at each other and shout “You” and I fall back on my butt still in shock and he nearly falls out of the tree. “Cheshire explain how she knows you and why you’re shocked to see her?” The white rabbit asks and crosses his arms over his chest and frowns. “I-I went to Alice’s world and went to a school and she and I meant there. . . But how did you get here?!” He explains/asks to the white rabbit and me. I blink and frown and look at the ground. “I-I don’t know. . . I was following the tune that was coming from you’re pan when I stopped I was in the middle of the woods and I blacked out and poof here I am.” I explain with my arms up in a shrug. They both look at each other with concern on there faces. 

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