Unsteady [o.d]

A homeless girl meeting a travelling boy.

[Songfic for the Fanfiction Royale Competition]


2. Chapter 1



I walked further on my path as the cars crossed by. I noticed the small details on them even though they were speeding pass me. 


It seems like no one cares about us nowadays. No one cares about the homeless at all, really. I mean sure, they'll pass by and give a few quarters, but that doesn't count in my opinion. What does count is when they actually care. When they'll hand out blankets and old food cans. But on this Earth, they only hand out supplies during winter. Because then they think we're cold. As if winter is the only time a human being can be cold.


Continuing on my path, I sit down in an alley with a few pieces of ripped up cloth and a dumpster. I look at the cloth then grab a needle out of my pocket that I found a while back. Ripping off a string from my worn-out jacket, I use it to weave all the cloths here together to use as a blanket. My thin fingers shiver at the wind passing by, but I still manage to make a blanket the size of a towel.


"Hey," A voice says. I stop my work and look up, noticing a tall brunette hovering over me. "need help?"


"No." I whisper, turning my attention back to my blanket.


"I have food and water."


"I don't care."


"I'm trying to help you out."


"I didn't ask what you were trying to do." I put my cloth down and look up at the man, taking in his facial features and details. His hair is curled and his eyes are a emerald colour. His lips are a soft pink and his eyelashes are small and nicely curled. Why would he want to help me? "Why are you here?"


"I'm travelling."


"I've heard that one before. Admit it, you're some kid who signed up for some club to help the homeless get their life back together when in fact my life is perfectly fine."


"So you'd rather stay on this dirty street with a towel and no food instead of coming with me? Fine. And by the way, I'm not signed up for a club, I was just trying to be helpful." He begins walking away and I stop him. "So now you're going to take my deal?"


"What exactly do you want?"


"I know this place that has food and water for free. It's super cool and has all these friendly people an-"


"Are you talking about a homeless shelter?"


"Yeah, why?"


"Cause I'm not going." I shake my head and continue to weave my cloth together. "Homeless shelters are for people who loss their family and have nothing. I may not have family, but that doesn't mean I have nothing."


"What happened to your family?" I sigh, getting prepared to tell him the story of how everything went down and how I became homeless in the first place. 


"I was nine years old. My mom and dad had said they loved me and I had believed them. They said we were supposed to be going on a train to a fun place, and I had packed everything I owned. So when we were supposed to be getting on the train together with our bags all packed, my mom said she was going to the bathroom and my dad went with her. They had told me to save them seats on the train and I got on and saved them some.


Next thing I knew, the train was moving. I ran to a window and looked out and noticed that they were heading towards the exit of the train station. No wonder their bags seemed light, they were hollow. They had planned for me to get on the train and leave them alone, and it worked. I haven't seen them since. I have no friends, and no family."


"Oh." The boy said, fiddling with his fingers nervously. "Well I can be your friend. I'm Harry."


"I'm Scout."


"Nice to meet you."

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