She moved away. She moved back. Ashton and Chloe.


2. c h a p t e r t w o


"We are going" Ash yelled to the boys before leading me outside. The boys came rushing out.

"Where are we going" the blonde one said. Luke I think.

"To the park" Ashton said already down my driveway.

I walked down to Ashton and the boys followed.


"This is where we come and write songs" Ashton told me as we sat on the swings.

"You write songs?" I questioned him.

"Yeah! I am in a band with the boys.. We have a YouTube channel... We perform covers and we have about nine thousand subscribers" he exclaimed.

A smile formed on my lips. "Sing to me" I said

Ashton got up of the swing and got the rest of the boys.

"What song" the one with the pink hair asked Calum.

"Good girls" he replied.

"1,2,3,4" Ashton screamed.


"Holy shit you guys are amazing" I squealed. Ashton picked me up and swung me around. "Thank you" he whispered.

"Let's go back now" I said to ash. I didn't really talk to the other boys but they didn't talk to me much either.


"Bye ash" I said as he walked me to my front door.

"Oh I am picking you up tomorrow for school okay I will be here at 7:30" Ashton said as he walked down my driveway and to his house.


I walked inside and was engulfed in a big hug by someone. Once this mystery person let go of me I got to look at them.

"Jade" I screamed. Jade was my girl best friend we talked everyday throughout the four years of being away.

"I missed you so much" she squealed. "I missed you too" I replied.


After spending about 2 hours with jade she left and I went into my room to have a shower. When I got out I had dinner then went back upstairs and grabbed my laptop. I searched up the boys YouTube account.

I watched all of their videos and they were fucking amazing.

I turned of my laptop and was about to go to sleep when I heard my phone beep. It was a message from Ashton.

Ash: Goodnight beautiful xx

Me: Goodnight x

When Ashton called me beautiful I could feel butterflies in my stomach almost like when he kissed my forehead or held my hand. What the hell is going on. I can't like Ash he is my best friend.

Ashton wouldn't get out of my head.

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