She moved away. She moved back. Ashton and Chloe.


3. c h a p t e r t h r e e


I woke up at 6:00am and had a shower. It was really weird to be back in a uniform after 4 years. I put on my makeup and went downstairs.

Blake and mum and Ashton were already down there.

"Morning" my mum said as she kissed my cheek.

"Morning" Blake said while waving.

Ashton got up. "Morning beautiful" he whispered in my ear and gave me a hug.

"Yuck, Chloe I thought he was your best friend" Blake whined.

"We are best friends nothing more" I replied.

I grabbed some breakfast and my bag and Ash and I walked out the door.


"Do we still have them same teachers" I whined as we pulled up at the school.

"Yep" Ashton replied while laughing.

We got out of the car and met up with Ashton's friends. "Hey" they all said together. Luke and Michael gave me a hug and Calum just waved.

I laughed and waved back. We were walking through the school and so many girls were pointing at me. "Why are they pointing" I whispered to ash.

"Cause your with us" he replied with a smile on his face. "What do you mean" I asked. "We're a bit popular" he laughed as he grabbed my hand. "Oh" I replied quietly. We made our way to period one.

"Good morning class" mr chads said to the class. We had math first up and the only person I knew in this class was Calum. "I am bored" I whispered to cal.

He laughed and handed me his phone. I had a confused look on my face. "Put your number in stupid" he said while hitting his head. "Oh" I said and put it in. I texted myself and then handed his phone back.


It was lunch and Luke and I had just had English together so we were trying to find the rest of the boys. "How as class" I heard a deep voice say from behind me. It was Ashton.

"Boring as fuck" I replied

He giggled. Fuck I love his giggle. DIMPLES. Wow.

No he is my best friend.


Finally the school day was over. Ash had just dropped me home and I was about to go for a shower when I got a message for Calum.

Calum: Hey Chloe wanna go somewhere x

Me: Sure but where?

Calum: You will see I will pick you up in 10 minutes x

I got out of bed and put on my denim shorts and my nirvana crop top. Within 5 minutes I heard Calum pull up in the drive way. I ran out and said bye to mum.

"You look hot" he said as I got in the car.

I could feel my face going red. "Why are you blushing" he asked while laughing. "Shut up" I answered.

"Okay well anyways where are we going" I asked while turning on the radio.


"But I didn't bring swimmers" I whined

"Oh well" he replied with a smirk.

I laughed and rested my head on the window.


We pulled up at the beach and I took of my pant I kept my top on though. I started running down to the water when I felt Calum pull me over his shoulder still running into the water.

We goofed around for about 2 hours then it started to get dark. So we got out. We went back to the car and I checked my phone. I had a message for ash.

Ash: Tomorrow night, dinner with the boys don't forget. xxxx

I smiled and then jumped into the car and Calum started to drive away. Once we got to my house Calum had already told me everything about him.

"Thank you for this afternoon" I said while hugging him still dripping wet.

"It's fine see you tomorrow" he hugged me back and kissed my cheek. I ran inside and had a shower.

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