She moved away. She moved back. Ashton and Chloe.


6. c h a p t e r s i x



I looked over at Chloe's phone and read the time. 4:32am. "Why the fuck am I up so early" I mumbled to myself before trying to get back to sleep.

After about 10 minutes I gave up. I got out of Chloe's bed carefully removing her arms from my waist, making sure not to wake her up.

I slowly opened the bathroom door and turned on the water.

After my shower I turned of the water and got dressed back in my sweats.

I took a look in the mirror before I walked out to find an empty bed. "Chloe" I said half whispering thinking she was still in the bedroom.

I checked the time.


I walked downstairs and found Chloe on the couch, curled up drinking some tea.

I walked up behind her and grabbed her face. I gave her a kiss. "Morning beautiful" I whispered then went into the kitchen to make myself a coffee.

"Morning" a sleepy voice said back. I couldn't help but laugh.

"What are you laughing at" she said getting off of the couch and walking over to me with a smirk on her face.

"You" I replied while laughing. She pouted "why"

"Cause your cute" I said before I gave her a hug and she wrapped her legs around my waist and gave me a kiss.

"I missed you" she whispered in my ear

I let out a little giggle. And she laughed. "I missed you too" I replied and gave her a peck on the cheek.


"Ashton hurry your ass up" I yelled while laughing from outside the front door. We were getting ready to go to school and ash was taking forever.

He finally made his way down the stairs, grabbed his phone and bag and we left.

"What song" I asked him as he started up his car.

"American idiot" he said. I couldn't help but laugh at how excited he was to listen to it.

We sung along to green day the whole way to school. Ashton parked the car and we got out. Ashton grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers.

"Us boys are thinking about doing an American idiot cover."

"Yess, yes, yes that would be amazing" I squealed.

He laughed and kissed the top of my head.

We were trying to find the boys when someone jumped on my back followed by two other people on Ashton's. I knew almost straight away it was the boys.

"Hello too you guys too" I said in between laughter. I have only known them for like five days and I already love them.

I looked over too Luke and he put his head down as he saw me. Something was up with him yesterday and now he is acting weird around me so I decided to talk to him.


Ever since Chloe came from America I sort of liked her. I mean I know I don't even really know her but she is super nice, she is pretty, gorgeous, perfect. But I knew I wouldn't have a chance with her I could tell by the way she looked at Ashton she had loved him for a while.

When I found out they were dating yesterday I was devastated I was going to ask her if she wanted to go out but it was too late.

Today I was sort of dreading to see her. When we saw them at school and the boys started running toward them a wave of sadness came over me. To see them happy. I know ash is my best friend but I wanted her. I wanted to see if Chloe would've loved me.

When we were standing in the school hallway. The boys were talking and she looked at me. I almost immediately put my head down and pretended to be texting someone.

Before I knew it she had grabbed my hand and dragged me to the other side of the hall.

"What wrong" she asked


"Yes there is what wrong"

"I feel sick" I lied straight to her face. "Oh is my poor Lukey sick" she said. I couldn't help but laugh and nod. She shrugged and led me back over to the boys.

They just stood there staring at me then at Chloe.

"Let's go" she said before grabbing Ashton's hand and walking to class. Ashton, Chloe and Mikey all have first period together and Cal and I do. We went our separate ways saying by to one another.


We were in the middle of science and I was with Mikey and Ashton. I was daydreaming when someone kicked to back of my chair.

I turned around to see a smiling Michael. "What"

"I am bored" he whined.

"Same" I whined back.

Ashton lent over. "I don't like school" he said which caused Mikey and I to laugh.

"Stop talking in the middle of my class" the teacher screamed at us.

"Stop talking in the middle of our conversation" Ashton mimicked her. Which cause Mikey and I too laugh. The teacher gave us a death stare and the whole class fell quiet.

"Well miss if your just going to stare can we please get back to our conversation" Mikey said from behind me. Causing ash and I too laugh.

"Get out now, all three of you" all three of us got up out of our seats, grabbed our bags and left the classroom like she told us too.

We went into Calum's and Luke's classroom. Ash knocked on their door.

"Yes" the teacher said from inside.

"Can we please have Calum and Luke with there bags they are in a lot of trouble" I said as I smiled at Calum. He ailed back knowing what we were up too.

They grabbed their bags and we left.

"What are you guys doing" Calum asked as he stood in front of us.

"Well our teacher was being a bitch and told us to get out of the class room so we did and we came and got you so now we are going home" Ashton explained to Luke and Calum.

They both high fives each other and we got into Ashton's car.

About five minutes later we pulled up at Ashton's house. I took my shoes off at the front door and dropped my stuff of the couch. I ran upstairs and put on one of Ashton's t-shirts that was way too big for me.

I ran back downstairs to find the boys already playing video games and eating food on the couch. I came and sat down next to ash.

He looked me up and down and smiled. HIS DIMPLES.

"Woah, you look hot in my shirt" he whispered in my ear.

"You look hot shirtless" I replied. His face lit up and he took of his shirt. I smiled at him before getting up and getting some chips.

The rest of the night was spent eating food, playing video games and Ashton and I cuddling. Best night by far with these boys. No dramas what so ever. I do truly love them m.

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