She moved away. She moved back. Ashton and Chloe.


7. c h a p t e r s e v e n



I woke up in someone's bed. I looked to my left and see Ashton. But too my right is Calum. He was on his phone.

"Hi" I whispered which caused him too jump

"Hey" he smiled still looking at his phone.

I got out of the bed and went into the bathroom. Geez. I looked terrible, my makeup was really smudged all under my eyes.

I washed of my makeup and went back into the room to see that Calum wasn't there anymore. I got back into bed with Ashton and fell asleep.


I woke up once again but no one was with me in bed. I checked my phone. 10:02am. And one message from Calum.

Cal: Hey Chloe, we went to get some food be back soon x.

I put my phone back down and went downstairs to find a sleeping Luke. I sat on the couch near his feet and turned on the T.V.

Once he heard the noise of the Tv he woke up and pulled me into a hug. I laughed and sat back up to watch the tv.

"Where are the boys" he groaned still half asleep.

"Getting food" I said before changing to channel.

"Oh" he replied checking his phone.

Luke and I sat there talking for another fifteen minutes when we heard Ashton's giggle from outside the door and Mikey yelling.

They ran inside and gave me a hug. "Hi" I said and gave ash a quick kiss. I went into the kitchen with Luke and we ate the food they had bought.

"Babe, tonight we are going out, so after you eat we are going to your house okay" Ashton said from the other side of the table with a smile.



We pulled up in my driveway and ashton pulled me inside. "Hey" Ashton said to Blake while i pulled him upstairs. Blake was about to say something before I cut him off saying "hey, goodbye" and running into my room.

He closed the door and I went to my cupboard. I pulled out a dark blue dress that went to mid thigh. "That's what i'm wearing tonight" I said to ash . He smirked and gave me a kiss.

"Okay," he whispered against my lips which sent shivers down my spine.


I laid my curling iron my bed and pulled out some black high heels. Ashton sat there smiling the whole time I was getting my things.

"What are you smiling at"


"Why" I said with a giggle.

Ashton didn't answer and walked over too me. He pushed me on the bed and started to kiss me.

After a little bit of making out he grabbed my shirt and was lifting it of me when there was a knock at the door.

I groaned and pushed ash off of me so I could get the door. I opened the door and saw a smirking Blake.

"What do you want" I whined hearing Ashton giggle in the background.

"Mum said, no sex or making out when your here" he laughed and walked back downstairs.

I turned to Ashton and shrugged. He smiled and I went intro my bathroom to get my stuff.

I Grabbed my makeup bag. I put all of my things into a bigger bag, grabbed Ashton and pulled him downstairs.

"Bye mum, love you" I said as I have her a quick kiss on the cheek. I gave Blake a hug and we were about to walk out of the door when...

"Chloe, use protection" Blake said while smirking mum slapped his arm and I ran outside with ash.

"They are so annoying" I groaned as I jumped into his car.


"Chloe we are leaving in an hour get ready" Ashton said as he gave me a kiss. I nodded and ran into the shower.

After I had a shower I dried myself then realised that I had forgotten my clothes. I wrapped my towel around me and walked into the spare room at Luke's house.

I shut the door and started to get dressed. I had my underwear and bra on when someone came into the room.

"Oh shit, I am so sorry Chloe, sorry" it was Mikey. I looked at him and he was turned around about to walk out the door with his hands over his eyes. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Where is the door, ow shit" he said as he ran into the wall.

"Dude, you don't have to cover your eyes" I said while guiding him too the door. Once Mikey was out I shut the door, locked it and started to get dressed again.

Once I was dressed I went into the bathroom to do my makeup and hair. I curled my hair and did a smoky eye makeup. I put in my earrings and walked down the stairs to the boys.

I heard Ashton giggling and the boys all talking. I coughed to let the m know I was there and when they all turned to face me there jaws dropped.

"Close your mouths" I said as I walked over to Ashton. I gave him a quick kiss in the lips and looked him up and down.

"You look fucking gorgeous, princess" Ashton whispered in my ear which made me smile.

"You look fucking hot, Ashton" I whispered which made him laugh.

"Come on we are going" Calum said walking out the door.

I grabbed my purse which had more makeup, makeup remover and some deodorant in it I put my phone in there and we left.

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