She moved away. She moved back. Ashton and Chloe.


9. c h a p t e r n i n e



"Hurry the fuck up she's at home" I screamed at Luke as we all ran into the cab. "Step on it" I yelled at the cab driver as he screeched out of the club. We had been driving for a while and the traffic started to get really heavy.

The driver turned up the radio and the first thing that came on was the traffic updates.

"There's been a crash on the highway, young lady is in a critical condition" the man said.

That can't be Chloe, what if it is, NO. I tried to push all of those thoughts to the back of my mind.

After about another 10 minutes stuck in traffic we were finally about to drive near the car crash. All of us boys were looking out of the window. We saw the car it was smashed against another car and the guard rail.

"Oh fuck" ash screamed and jumped out of the car. Us boys followed.

Ashton screamed and yelled and then broke down in tears on the road. That was when we all realised it was Ashton's car. Chloe took that.

"Fuck" I screamed and ran over to the accident.

I could feel the tears start to rush down my face. Everything was getting blurry and I was getting dizzy and then BANG everything was black.


"Cal, come on mate, Calum" i heard a familiar voice say. I slowly opened my eyes and saw I was in the hospital. "What the fuck why am I-" i was cut of my Ashton crying again. That's when it all rushed back to me. I was in the hospital because I passed out because Chloe got into a crash. "Shit" I mumbled to myself. "Is she okay" I almost whispered to Mikey.

"Mate, she is in a coma, doctors can't tell what is wrong with her until she wakes up". He replied and looked over at now broken Ashton. "It's all my fucking fault if I didn't do anything to the fucking guy we wouldn't be here" Ashton yelled and broke down in tears again. Luke ran over to him and have him a hug.

"Mate she will be fine I promise you that" he replied with a tear fall down his cheek.

Silence, that was all we had for at least ten minutes until one of the doctors came in. "Calum can you please sign these" he said before handing me some papers and a pen.

I signed them and he led us out to the waiting room. "Listen we don't think that Chloe will be waking up for a while so you guys can go home" the doctor told us.

Ashton and I shook our heads no. "Okay guys I guess we will see you later" Luke and Mikey said before walking out of the hospital.


It's been three days since the crash and ash and I still haven't gone home there has been nothing from Chloe and Ashton was getting worse. Way worse. He wouldn't eat, talk, anything. All he would do is sit and stare or cry. And I couldn't help him no matter what I did he would always push me away.

I hated seeing him like this.

"Mate I am gonna go home, I will be back down tomorrow okay, see you."

All Ashton did was nod and a silent tear slid down his cheek.


It's now been about a week since the crash. Ashton had only been home once and that was only to get some spare clothes. He was straight back to the hospital. He talks to her everyday. He holds her hand and repeatedly says he is sorry. But he shouldn't be.

Chloe hasn't moved or anything since that night. I really miss her.


The tenth day and she still hasn't done anything.

"Chloe, please you will get through this, I know it, babe I love you so much and I am so sorry, I did this to you and-" I couldn't finish I just broke out in tears. I miss her heaps.

I miss her smile, her laugh, her eyes, I just miss her. I want her back. She will come back, I hope.



It's been 7 months and still nothing. Chloe hasn't moved or there hasn't been any sign of her even waking up. Ashton is really bad now. He even turned down going on a tour with one direction just so he could stay with her.

Us boys we have just given up now, but not Ashton he would never give up.

"Come on ash, you have to get home and stay there for at least 2 days" I Say as I drag ash out of the hospital. "But what if she wakes up, Luke I cant" he yells.

After I talked to him he finally gave in and came with me. I dropped him home and watched him walk inside. I really hope he doesn't do anything stupid knowing his past he could do anything.


It's now been three more days since I dropped ash at his house. He stayed for one night and then ended up at the hospital again. I miss the old ash.


I was walking into Chloe's room when a machine started beeping really fast and loudly. Doctors and nurses ran in and pushed me out, they shut the door right in my face.

"Let me in fuck" I screamed while banging on the door and the breaking down on the flor.

I was now on the seat in the waiting room when her door opened. I ran inside not caring for what everyone said to me.

She was awake. Finally after nearly a year. Chloe was awake.

"Chloe" I yelled excitedly but she gave me a very confused look.

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