Adopted by 5sos


6. Woah

"Hey Calum when are we going home I'm really bored!"I whin to Calum."Silly were going home right now and The boys ar coming to!"I smile "Can my friend come over we have youtube videos to record ya know!"Michael looks at Cal."Sure!"I smile."Thanks!"I follow the boys out the studio "Where does she live Stell?"I bot my lip an think."She lives 10 houses to the left of yours!"I smile "we live so close together!" he smiles.When we arrived I ran to the door and knocked the boys stayed in the van."Stella!"she says as she hugs me."Come on!"She grand our youtube bag.Then we walk to the van."Cynthia te boys are in here!"She blushs as she gets in."Guys this is Cynthia!"they say "Hey"as she trys hard not to hurt me.When we get to the house me and Cynthia go to my room.I put on a plaid skirt and white shirt that had the number 23 on it for the song.I had my hair in a ponytail and my fake 3d glasses on.I had sneakers on.I looked like a school girl.I went downstairs."Hey Calum were ready to shoot the video!"I see Calum,Michael,Luke,and Louis starring at me."Hello?"I walk to them and then pull out a whistle I had for my video.I blew it as the boys snapped out of what ever world they were in.

Michael pov

She walked down the stairs.She looked absoultuly stunning!I smiled and starred.Then she blew a whistle in our faces.I would try to get her but shes more interested in Louis and Calum!"Hey I'm already half deaf from myself!"I chuckle out.She laughs "Got some jokes clifford!"

stellas pov

Michael is adorable.I think I'm falling for Cal,Mikey,and lewy!I smile "You coming Calum or do I have to pick someone else for a star in the video?"he smiles "Yep!"poping the p sound!

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