Adopted by 5sos


9. why

I walked back "Dont worry Ry he wont mess with you again and if he does tell me and he wont live to see another day!"I say he frowns "Will you stay close to me at school tommrow?"I smile "Sure!"I turn to the boys "Tommrow is my last day of college!"They smile "Oh thats what you meant by school!"I smile."Bye ryan see you tommrow want me to come pick you up?"he stares at me "Sure!"I walk back right behind the boys.*next day*I wake up.Today I was so happy I grab a cute last day of school outfit.I put a red light blue short skirt on.Last night Michael let me dye my hair black with blue highlights in them.I put my straight hair in 2 ponytails after my light blue sleevless collared shirt.I put my white knee high socks on.Then I put my baby blue convers on.I put a peral necklace and earrings on.The ln a bracelet that had my name on it Ryan gave it to me for my birthday.I smiled at my nerdy apperance and I slipped on my fake glasses.I grabbed my bag and walked diwnstairs.I grabbed a bannana and I fell as turned the corner and hit someone.I looked over it was Luke.He smiled "Morning!"He sayed helping me up.I straighted my skirt."Morning!Tell the others I said I would be back!"I waved but then Luke pulled my arm."Hey wait!"He fixed my glasses.I smiled "Uhhh...Thanks!"I said and rushed out the house.His eyes are so pretty.I walked to Ryans house "Hey Ry!"I said as he closed his door and walked to me.He smiled "Hey Lil!"We talked about vines untill we finally arrived at school."Hey baby girl!"I look over "Im not your girl Jerry!"he smiled "Not for long I have a bet!"I smile "Ok!"He smiles "If I show respect for Ryan for 1 month you will go out on 1 date with me!"I smile "A deal!"He waves "Bye!"I wave."Are you crazy he will win then hill just go back!"I smile not unless I fall in live I say making quote fingers at him he laughs.He knew exactly what I would do.I would make him think I fell for him then I would say sorry Im just ready and laugh.Lets see!

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