Adopted by 5sos


2. the boys

So Stella Irwin is my new name?"Hey guys so this whole thing?Do I get to you know go out with yall and hang with my friend?"Calum looks at me confused "You mean friends?"I chuckle "No I said it right friend I only have 1."He pulls my hand "Now you have Luke,Michael.and me to be your friends and ash as your dad and bryanna as your soon to be mom!"I smile at that thought."Hey guys can I stop by a store real quick!"Calum grabs my hand "We dont have time sorry we have to go to vocals!"We were in a limo and No one could see anything really if I leaned into the window!So I pull out a small Green book with black lacing over it!"Thats so cool whered you get it?"I laugh "I didnt buy it I made it for my privacy!"Calum grabs it "Ohhh he says as he opens it! "Fuck no you Bitch!I say in Japanese as I grab the book!We had arrived so I got out!

Calums pov

She said some weird words in some lauguege?I have to read the book now!"Michael what'd she say?"He smiles "The world may never know?"I laugh he always copys something and makes me laugh!

Michaels pov

"Stella!"She walks to me as I open the door.I show her room.It was green with black hearts on it.Then a big poster wall of our favirote bands.Her closet was full of lots of clothes from girls stores like aeropostal and garage."I love it!"She says giggling.

Stellas pov

I take my camera out and place the tripod down and put the camera up I open the curtains and turn the lights on for perfect lighting."What are you doing come sit by me!"I say to Michael.I turn the camera on and then I center it "Hey everyone so well today I got adopted.I am here with my homie Michael Clifford!Well I just wanted to say that a bew video will be posted tommrow!Oh and my dad is Ashton Irwin so yeah!Well got to go!"Michaels face lights up "Bye guyss"he says as he waves.I laugh as I turn the camera off.

Luke pov

She is hot but Calum seems to want her I guess I'll back off!

Ashtons pov

Michael and her disappered.Omg he better not!We just met her today!Im just portecting my baby girl.

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