Adopted by 5sos


12. Secret

I slowly make my way upstairs and plop on the bed.I lay down and go to sleep.I get waked up by the sun hitting my eyes ."Urggghhh!"I get out of bed.I grab a towel and black leggings my high wasted skater skirt a white tanktop and my leather vest.I go in my bathroom.I strip down and take a shower.When I get out I dry myself and put my outfit on.I dry my hair and straighten it.I put mascara and eyeliner on.I take my combat boots out and put them on.I walk downstairs and grab myself a poptart."Hey duaghter!"I chuckle "Hey dad call me by my name Stella!"He chuckles "Fine Stella!"I put my thunb up and walk out.I go outside sitting on my front porch.I laughed at my thought I was thinking if I grab my skate board I can go to the record store and get away for a little bit!I walk inside and grab my board "I am going to the record store and them to the skate park with Ryan for a bit!"I hear a single voice "Shut up and go you woke me up!"I chuckle and walk back out.Some one is grumpy.I skate to Ryan's house.

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