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14. record

"Ryan?"I hear a sound of a groan.I grab my phone and take the case off and grabbing the key behind it.I open the door to see Ryan he was getting beat by Jerry.I scream at him "Get the fuck off of him Jerry I told you not to hurt him!"I push him off Ryan and straddle Ry in my arms I help him to the couch."Stella your going out with someone thats not part of the deal!"He screams I start crying "It was a joke gosh I was just playing!"He sighs "I am sorry I should have known!"I laugh "No go deal off I dont like Ryan getting hurt!"I push him out and shut the door.I run to Ryan and cover him and take a first aid bag and fix his cuts and bruises."There I dont think your up for the record shop?"He nods "I hurt a lot can you call Leo?"I nod.Leo is Ryans boyfriend he is so sweet! "Leo Jerry beat Ryan you need to come over while I go beat him!"I giggle as Leo responds "Dont hurt him that much I want to finish him!".I end the call as we say our goodbyes.I hand Ryan his phone "Here Leo will be over soon Call if your in need of assistants!"He nods "Bye!"I wave "Bye!"I leave and walk to Jerrys house "Stella what?".I giggle as he opens the door I hit him "I hate you Jerry your so cute but you have an ugly heart!" He shakes his head I found someone new so dont even think I will run to you!"I giggle "Finally!"I flick him off and skate home.I get to the door and notice I forgot my keys "Guys!"I scream banging on the door."Mikey!Luke!Calum!Ashton!"The door opens and I walk in "Hello Louis!"."Hey Stell!".I walk to the kitchen and take out an apple and some carrots.I put my carrots on a napkin and start eatting my apple.Louis runs up "No those are mine!".He screams stealing my carrots.I sigh "Sowey I forgot!"I giggle and pull out a bag of carrots from the seat beside me.He widdens his eyes!"You wouldnt dare?"I giggle "Try me!"I run up the stairs with Louis right behind me I run to my room and shut the door."Stella open up they're my carrots!"Louis screams "Stell give him his carrots and make him shut up!"I hear someone shout.I giggle and scream "Never!".I pull out a carrot and eat it. "No...."I giggle as Louis screams at me. I open the door and hand Lou the carrots "I only ate 1!" He shakes his head "1 to many!"I giggle and follow him downstairs to the kitchen.He looks at me disgusted "These taste like Stella!"I giggle "Yeah that one I ate it tasted like Louis! It was super gross!"I giggle and he smirks "You know it tasted good!"I nod "In your dreams!"He nods "The one with Carrots and lamborginis!"I laugh "wow!".I walk to Michaels room "Twin want to go to the record shop?"I hear a groan "Sure!".I get a text from Leo 'He is okay go have fun babe!'.I smile and leave my phone on the table and run upstairs to get my purse.When I got downstairs.Louis sat there with my phone "Who is this Leo?".I smile "My friends boyfriend he so sweet they are a cute couple!".He nods "So like he is cheating on her with you?".I laugh "No he is gay!".Louis blushes "Oh sorry!".I nod "I get it alot when people snoop on my phone!".He bites his lip "Opps!".I hear Michael walking down the stairs.He nods.We walk out the door and into the van. They drive us to the record shop.We get there.I run in.Ryan loved the beatles.So I bought him a record from them.I got a new AC/DC one.Then I saw it Motley Crue! I take it and show them to Michael "Look I found the best Cd's!"He nods as I show him them "Yes you did!".We buy them and head home.Michael went in but I grabbed my board and went to Ryans house.I got there and walked in.Leo was comforting Ry.I smild "Ry look what I got!".I hold the record up.He smiles "Thanks Stell!". He hugs me.I hug back."I have to go back but you enjoy this record!".He nods and kisses my cheek "Bye Stella!".I smile "Bye!".I skate home but I stop. I see a girl pull up to my house. Michael walks out and grabs her hand. I liked him a lot. I guess he has a girlfriend. I turn my skatebiard around and head back to Rys house.

Sorry for the short chapter havent been able to write and sorry for misspells I am writting on my phone and it dosent say if its spelled wrong! Love you guys!

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