Adopted by 5sos


1. Me!

Hey Im Stella!Im a orphan kid.Today is an open house at my orphanage!So I had gotten up and put a dress on it is white and laceing over it.I had brown heels on but they were small so I didnt kill myself.I had natural make-up on.My light brown hair followed down to my mid back straight.I walked out and fixed myself a meal.Which was basiclay just cereal and orange juice.My phone had "Heartbreak girl"on.I was singing out loud.I didnt know that the open house had already started.When the song finished and I had just put the milk up I turned around and was starring at 4 beautiful guys clapping.Omg!Its them for real!"Your really good!"I smile and walk past them and to the counter table."Hey!"They walk toward me."What!?"Michael smiles "Were here to adopt want to show us around?"I smile "Fine but it better be worth missing food for!"they chuckle.I get up and walk toward the rooms.I knock on the first 2 sets of doors."Come to the door kids!"then the doors open on each side all the 5 doors in the hallway."Line up!"All 10 kids get in a short line."Introduce yourselfs!"They each go up and introduce themselves."Dismissed!"Then they go back to their worlds in their rooms!"So what about you!"Luke grins."Im Stella!I'm turning 19 tommrow I chose to stay here because I want parents!Or friends at least that I can rely on and the kids are amazing and funny and my servents and Im there Mom basicly!"Calum smiles and walks to Mrs.Denise.Then he points to me.I go back to my breakfest.I was washing the dishs when.I was done I was drying my hands.When a mob of sad kids run to me.Then they started to hug me and say bye?"Guys why are you saying bye?"My best little girl came to me "That one man said he would take you and the others agreed with him!"They adopted me!?I sigh "What?"I walk out the kitchen and to the boys."Your adopting me?"Ashton looks at me and smiles"No Harry is!"I look at him suprised Styles is?"I sigh "Ok so then when is he going to be here?"He laughs "No I am!"I smile "So I'll be down with my junk in 2min!"I run upstairs.Everything was packed just in case this happened!I walk back down buy guys.They give me a hug."Facetime me if you want ok!"They nod as I wave on last goodbye!

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