Adopted by 5sos


10. embarressed

We were outside after our first class.We had starbucks we both got a pumpkin spice lattee.We were sitting in a park and drinking our lattee when we heard screams."Omg its them!"I looked over and calum and Michael were walking are way and got stopped by fans."Thank you!they screamed and ran away."Hey J!"Calum said running to me."Hey Cal!"Mickey walks my way "Without me you got starbucks without me!"I smiles "Yep!"Poping th p.He laughed.God his laugh."We have to go to our last class want to meet here again at uhh....2!"They nod as we head back."Bye guys!"They wave "byee!"*Last class" "Welcome Jezel Isas!"I smile an wave at the professor "Today is your last day correct!"I nod as I sit in my usual seat next to Ryan by the wall."Today we will have a quiz!"We took the quiz turned it in and we could leave.Ryan left and I went to meet the boys.I got there exactly on time.I sat there and sung to myself as the autmun leaves fell from the trees."Hey J!"I looked up from starrin at my shoes."So whos that guy?"It was The boys all of them Luke,Ash,Mikey,Cal,and Louis!"Hey guys and who are you talking about?"They point I look over and its Jerry!"oh thats Jerry the one who bullys Ry but he wont if he wants to keep the bet!"I smile and say "Stay here and watch it going to be funny!"I smile and walk to Jerry "Hey Jerry!"I say makin the y ring.He smiles "Hey Jez!"I smile "You see that boy over there ?"He sends me a confuse look "Which one?"I smile "Wait here?"I walk back "Hey which one of you want to be my fake boyfriend you have to kiss me though!"Luke smiles "I will!"I grab his hand."Jerryy!"I smile "This is my boyfriend!"I lean in and luke kisses me."Oh?"He says and walks away "Byeee!"Everyone laughed at Jerry because he always said that we were datting well that backfired on him quickly.

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