Adopted by 5sos


3. caught

I quickly put a bit of bronzer in as I walk out to the car and get in.We headed toward vocals.When we got there I had to wait in a scary recording studio by myself.I had my phone and put on some songs.I was singing to myself "Let it go"when clapping came from behind me!I turn around really quick.In front of me were 9 boys."I told she sang good!"It was Calum."Calum who is all this and why'd you sneek up on me?"I say starting to get annoyed.Well this is Zain,Niall,Harry,Louis,Liam,Luke,Michael,Ashton,and me!"I laugh."I thought you were serious come on tell me the truth Calum who are these 5?"He chuckles "One direction?"My eyes widden"Omg im a huge fan!"I squeal.Louis eyes widden as the light hits my face."Your Stella_baby the famous youtuber(Not real!)."Yes I am but I'm not famous!"He chuckles "I watch your video calabs when Cynthia is all like Sing hun!"Then your changing acents are life and your eyes!"He stops there."Thank you!Louis your eyes are pretty too!"

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