Adopted by 5sos


11. Can we?

Michaels pov

When they kissed my heart just broke in half.They came back she pulled out her purse a wet wip and wiped her tounge and put a peice of gum in."Thanks for that but I would have settled for a kiss on the cheek!"We laughed.

Lilys pov

I smiled as they laughed and we walked back home.A few fans stopped us for autographs.When we got home "Michael dye my hair pleasseeee!"I have been dying to dye it blue to match my eyes."Sure color?"I smile "Blue!"he laughs "That was the color I was dying mine tonight.."He whines "Twinzies!"We scream and run to his room."Michael we are totally alike!"He laugh "I know!"He gets my hair and bleachs it.I bleach his.He dyes mine blue.I dye his blue.I go to my shower and rinse my hair.We meet up in the hall."Yeah twinzies!"We post a pic.I walk downstairs "Hey guys I am going to sleep!"they look "Ok and nice hair!"I laugh "I know!" I run to my room and put my unicorn pajama pants on and put a lime green tank top on.I put my hair in a messy bun and go to sleep.I wake up at 2am.I go downstairs and I open the fridge and get myself some milk."Lily?"I her my name "Twin?"I say refering to Michael "Its me!"I chuckle and walk to him."Just getting some milk!"He laughs "Me too weird?"I laugh "Twins!"We whisper.I laugh "Hey lily will you uhh...Go on a date with me?"Finally Clifford I say in my mind "Uhh Sure!"I say and peck his cheek "When?"He smiles "Tommrow uhhh at noon!"I blush "ok!"

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