Adopted by 5sos


8. bully

We walk downstairs and Cynthia gos home.I sit down.I pull my phone out and I get a text."Lily you lied I hate you never ever come to me again and ask for something you said we were forever!"I frown and look the person who sent it was Ryan he is my bestfriend he got bullied for being gay I protected him from self harm!SELF HARM!Hes going to cut!"I run out the door crying and running to his house at 9 at night.I get to his house and start to bang on his door."Ryan what did I do I honestly dont know please open up and please dont you dare self harm or I might just commit suicide!"3 boys come up behind me "Lily!Omg no you arent and what are you doing here at 9 at night!"I scream at Michael "Leave me alone I just want to be alone no body likes me right now do they Ryan hates me!He was like my first friend that I was complete with and I am about to lose him if he dies I die so Please leave me alone!"I slide down and cry into my knees."Ok?"He says backing up."Lily?"I know that voice."Your not really going to kill yourself?"I get up and rap my arms around Ryan crying.He hugs back."I love you Ryan never say that again Please!"He sighs "They came and told me that if I didnt break a friendship with you so that you could date!They would kill me!"I look at him and I say "I have to go!"I start walking toward Jerrys house."Lily No!You'll get killed!"I sigh "At least my life was great I got to meet 5sos and one direction!Became a youtuber and Got to beat him!"I say and I run to Jerrys house.I knock on the door.Jerry comes over.He was the most popular kid in school."Hey babe are you avalible I got dumped by my boyfriend?"I said fake crying.He smiled "Sure come in!"We went in he left the door open.I turned around and he kissed me.He was a good kisser.I bit his tounge and punshed his face and kicked him."Never will you speak to ryan or this will get much worse!"I walked out.He came after me "I still love you!"I kissed him on the cheek "If only you had respect for ryan maybe this would work out!"I smile and walk away

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