The Boys You Never Knew

It all started with
"We were wondering if you wanted to come to the mall with us."
To a
"Skyler, will you marry me?"

The story of a 18 year old girl, and her best friend Noelle. Starbucks is where they went to find guy, and they succeeded. Hey, if you're lucky you may find one too.


5. The Movies

We left the mall after about 5 hours of shopping. I saw that the clock on my phone said 6:30 pm. I showed them all the time, and I heard Luke suggest,

"Why don't we all go to the movies? We can see the season premier of The Walking Dead."

I looked at Noelle, and nodded. I was glad that the movie theater was across the street, so we didn't have to walk that far. I smiled when I felt Luke put a hand in my bad pocket, because it was dark. I put my phone into my other back pocket, before crossing the street with Noelle and Michael behind us. When we got to the movie theater, I saw Luke and Michael go to buy the tickets, so I walked over to Noelle.

"They're perfect." I heard her say to me.

"I know. We need to give them our numbers." I whispered to her. I walked up behind Luke, and gently slipped the phone from him hands. I created a new contact with the name "Sky-Sky" I then inserted my phone number. I saw the boys walking over, and when they reached us, I put Luke's phone back in his pocket. 


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