The Boys You Never Knew

It all started with
"We were wondering if you wanted to come to the mall with us."
To a
"Skyler, will you marry me?"

The story of a 18 year old girl, and her best friend Noelle. Starbucks is where they went to find guy, and they succeeded. Hey, if you're lucky you may find one too.


3. The Boys

I walk into Starbuck, and order a large carmel machiato, and sit at my normal table, waiting for Noelle. I pulled out my phone, and checked my twitter. When she sat down, I put my phone away, and took a drink. I looked up quickly    when a boy walked over to our table, and said 


"Hey." Noelle and I said in unison. 

"My name's Michael, and this is my friend Luke, and we were wondering if you two would like to come to the mall with us." The purple headed boy said to us. 

I saw a really cute quiff headed blonde behind Michael, and I was guessing it was Luke. 

"Sure." I said, before Noelle could resist. I got up, and I automatically knew that Noelle thought Michael was cute. I stood beside Luke, and I saw him smile. I smiled back, and we all walked out of Starbucks. We walked towards the mall, leaving my camaro behind. As we approached the mall, I heard Noelle say

"So where do you guys want to go first?" 

I heard Michael say "Where ever you want to go, we're fine with."

That's when I realized how glad I was that they asked up to come. I quickly turned my head when Luke said

"So what's your name?"

Whoa. He was definitely an Aussie

"Skyler, and that's Noelle." I said, pointing at my best friend, who was wrapped in an arm from Michael.  

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