The Boys You Never Knew

It all started with
"We were wondering if you wanted to come to the mall with us."
To a
"Skyler, will you marry me?"

The story of a 18 year old girl, and her best friend Noelle. Starbucks is where they went to find guy, and they succeeded. Hey, if you're lucky you may find one too.


8. Chapter 8

*Luke's P.O.V*


I got up off the couch, and I realized Michael, Noelle and I had stayed at Skyler's apartment. I groaned, and sat back down, burying my face in Skyler's lap, because of the blinding light. I felt her shift, and start running her soft fingers through my quiff. 

heard Michael say "Luke get your *butt* up, we need to talk about the *plans*"

I lifted my head, and said "But the light.." I saw Michael close the blinds, and say "There." I sat up, and I saw Skyler had already fell back asleep. I covered her with my red flannel plaid shirt, and I looked up at Michael. "We need to go, and start to make the food for the picnic this afternoon." I nodded, and went into the huge kitchen.

*About 15 minutes l8r* *Finished Making The Food.*


I sat down beside Skyler, and gently nuzzled her neck, whispering "Baaaaabe. Wake up." I pouted when she whacked me upside the head… Well, she isn't a morning person.

"Skyler, I need you to wake up, and go get ready." I whispered sweetly in her ear, before planting kisses all around her face. I saw her picked her lips, and I kissed them softly. I saw her eyes shoot open, and she ran upstairs. I chuckled, and pulled on my skinny jeans, and my red flannel. 

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