The Boys You Never Knew

It all started with
"We were wondering if you wanted to come to the mall with us."
To a
"Skyler, will you marry me?"

The story of a 18 year old girl, and her best friend Noelle. Starbucks is where they went to find guy, and they succeeded. Hey, if you're lucky you may find one too.


11. Chapter 11

*Skyler's P.O.V* *After Picnic*


I curled the ends of my hair, and put on my dark blue skirt with my white top. I then quickly put on my makeup, and I ran out of the bathroom, so Noelle could go in. I pulled on my tan and black high heels, and then put hairspray in my hair. I grabbed my white clutch, and my phone. I gasped when Noelle came out of the bathroom. 

"You look beautiful." I said, as i looked at her perfectly curled blonde and pink hair, and her black and white clubbing dress. "So do you!" She said, hugging me. We quickly walked downstairs, and I heard Luke say "Whoa.." I smirked, and kissed her cheek, before walking out to his car. 

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