Ephemeral - Lrh

lasting a short period of time.

You could say our love was ephemeral. But our times were great


2. 108 days before

Luke's POV

It was the mid july. Calum was dragging me along to some stupid party, that I wanted no part of. Calum and I have been best friends since as long as I can remember. He was even my first kiss. I know it's weird. But if I'm completely honest, I'm Pansexual. And no I don't have feelings for my best mate. So here I was being dragged to some high school party thrown by Ashton Irwin. He was a senior at my school who's known for throwing the most insane parties. 

 And you see that's why I wasn't too keen on attending. I hate going to huge parties, with sweaty bodies dancing and grinding on each other. But Calum here, lives for parties. Along the way I some how lost the Kiwi lad. I sighed as I went to Ashton's balcony who was somewhat empty. I looked at the view as I sighed taking a cigarette out of my pocket. I wasn't much of a smoker, but sometimes I do it to relieve my stress. And believe me these past few days have been stressful. 

 My parents are constantly fighting with my mother saying it's all my fault. I didn't do anything and I'm somehow being accused of their constant bickering. I looked at the view as I began inhaling and exhaling the smoke. I felt a person stand beside me. She had long red hair and a couple freckles around here face. Her green eyes were filled with tears. She turned to face me quietly apologizing.

"It's fine, we all have our days" I told her smiling slightly at her.

She nodded and her eyes gazed at the cigarette in my hand. I offered her as she quietly took it. She looked so amazing as she exhaled the smoke. Her mascara may be running and her hair may be a mess, but to me she looked like the most amazing human being I've ever seen.

And slowly I fell in love with her. 

She smiled at me as she passed me back the cigarette and that's how the party went for me. Smoking cigarettes with the pretty red head in Ashton's Balcony. And as far as high school parties went, it couldn't have gone any better.

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