Check Yes Juliet // Lashton

A theater geek, after weeks of fighting, lands the role of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, despite being the wrong gender to play the part. Another boy, taking theater only to fill up his class schedule, becomes infatuated with the somewhat mysterious Ashton, but is soon determined to become Ashton's Romeo.


1. 1 - Check Yes Juliet

Theater was always the highlight of Ashton's day, no matter how shitty of a play it was for the year or how crappy of a part he had. Something about being center stage and ripping through lines of Shakespeare sonnets like they were nursery rhymes was exhilarating to him. It made his heart pound, his blood race, and chills rise on his arms. Something about stepping into a character's shoes, really examining the character, being the character, that was satisfactory.

He understood that not many in theater class - especially a high school theater class - felt the same, or at least understood how refreshing it was for Ashton. All they understood was there is main parts, and main parts mean popularity.

It was a buzzing day in class that day. Ashton always walked in chipper and happy, chatting away with his friend Michael, who in all honesty only took the class knowing he'd have more time with the boy. No, Michael didn't like him. He merely enjoyed his presence, and Michael didn't make friends easily.

Ashton's heart raced, though, despite it being his favorite class. His smile was fake, all that was preventing him from taking cover in a bathroom. Michael sensed the tension radiating off of Ashton, and soothingly rubbed his shoulder. "Don't sweat it, Ash," Michael said in a low whisper. "You'll get the part."

"That's what I'm worried about," Ashton laughed lightly so those around him wouldn't notice. Before Michael could say a word, Ashton took his hand and dragged him to an empty corner, then sank again the wall, tugging at his curls in anxiety. "I want it, so badly..." he said a bit louder, now that no one was too close, "but..."

Michael sat next to him, wrapping an arm around the boy, causing Ashton to lean against him. Michael knew the extent of Ashton's anxiety - he had helped his friend calm down from an attack, had helped prevent them, and was almost like a protector in some ways.

Everyone often mistook them for a couple; Ashton was openly gay, and proud, but Michael was straight. Bi curious at most. And all feelings between them were mutual and friendly. After Ashton had kissed Michael (only for determining sexuality, nothing more), they had talked and made the lines clear.

"Ashton, breathe. The Shakespeare Company had all dudes, right? This isn't new! It's just... Repeating history." With that, Michael squeezed his shoulder, and stood. "Besides, everyone in theater already loves you."

And while Ashton was blushing and wanting to deny it, he knew it was true. Last year the club had swept the crowd of their feet with Les Miserables at a festival, and Ashton had played a big role. So, still feeling his heart wanting to leap out of his chest from sheer nerves, he accepted Michael's hand and stood up, wiping his sweaty palms on his jeans.

No one knew what to do with themselves. Mr. C had said he was going to post results at the end of class, for those who auditioned, and Ashton had definitely auditioned. He maintained a look of mostly calm, masking his fear like a poker face. He could pick out the others who had auditioned, just by body language. And when he saw Jade Adams slouching in a chair and continually checking the clock, he might've momentarily stopped breathing. His heart sunk. Because Jade was perfect for it.

She had the silky black hair and youthful, energetic face, and the body. Not to mention the right gender for Juliet. And Ashton wasn't.

No, Ashton wasn't a drag queen, or a cross-dresser. But, he was a huge theater dork, admittedly. He knew Romeo needed to give off a non-feminine vibe (which unfortunately, Ashton didn't have), and he didn't think any of the girls would be able to do Juliet justice like he could. Jade was the perfect fit, but she could have a bad attitude and it could potentially have ruined her audition if she let it shine through.

Mr. C rambled for what seemed to have taken all class period long. When there was ten minutes until the bell, Ashton gripped Michael's hand tightly. Michael had already tuned out the lesson, and stroked the back of Ashton's hand with his thumb.

When Mr. C finished up his PowerPoint about facing the audience, he only gestured to the back of the room. Half of the class turned to see a single sheet of paper hanging off the board, and then half the class shot up like a bullet, including Ashton. Chairs were knocked over carelessly, book bags were trampled, and people were carelessly shoved out of the way. Ashton stood up instantaneously but crept to the paper, letting people go past him. He saw Ernie pump his fist in the air in excitement, and others do the same, but he also saw some gasp and whisper.

He kept telling himself it was just his subconscious that made it seem everyone was looking at him. The crowd eventually thinned out a little, and because of his stature he pushed to the front and looked down the list, small parts being at the top and the main roles at the bottom.

Mercutio - James Butler

Tybalt - Will Ardivino

Romeo - Luke Hemmings

Understudy - Ron Decarol

Juliet - Ashton Irwin

Understudy - Jade Adams

Ashton's heart stopped.

He did it.

Everything vanished for a moment except for the pure joy swelling in his heart. He yelled and shoved his way out of the front, running to Michael who was getting his stuff. Michael turned and opened his arms just in time to catch Ashton and his overwhelming hug. "I'm Juliet," Ashton whispered breathlessly.

Michael stayed in the embrace, pulling back with a wide grin. "That's amazing!" Then with a smirk, he looked around and then said, "Who's your Romeo?"

Ashton blushed fiercely, just at the words. He didn't know this Luke guy, but he hoped that he wasn't homophobic, because if Ashton was Juliet... let's just say that Luke would have to be a pretty cool person to not drop the role. Especially one as this. Ashton was about to answer when someone walked over in between the two.

Ashton and Michael were both tall, but this guy was a good four inches taller than Ash, not including his blonde quiff that added another inch. He had smooth, pale skin, and his full lips were pierced with a lip ring. And his legs - how could someone's legs be so perfect? But finally Ashton looked at his eyes, and became mesmerized, entranced by the beautiful blue.

The stranger reached a hand out, and said, "I finally found my Juliet. I'm Luke," he said with a smile. Still a little in awe, Ashton put his hand in Luke's for a handshake, but jumped when Luke turned over his hand and brought it to his mouth, pressing a gentle kiss to the back. Ashton fiercely blushed yet again.

Luke pulled back, and turned to face Michael, who had his eyes narrowed slightly. "I know this play has a few... rather loving scenes, so I'll go ahead and say sorry for kissing your boyfriend," Luke laughed slightly.

"We're not dating," Michael said quickly. But then he stood on his toes and whispered menacingly in Luke's ear, "but if you touch him without his consent, you're dead, Hemmings."

Luke put his hands up in surrender, chuckling, but then turned back to Ashton. "We should run through lines soon," he said casually. "Meet me tomorrow on stage."

And before Ashton could try opening his mouth to say something, the blonde walked off confidently, high-fiving his friend.

When the bell rang, Ashton skittered out first, ready to learn his lines, with Michael on his heels, giving anyone a deadly look who whispered about the school's Juliet. Luke, standing by his locker, watched Ashton go by with curiosity.

Ashton seemed like a nice boy. Luke knew his sexuality, and Luke himself was unlabeled. He admired how high Ashton was holding his head, how proud he was to be Juliet. He had always admired the way Ashton could ignore ugly comments and not hurl them back. He admired how bold Ashton always was on stage, leaving everything behind and really becoming a character.

So Luke determined if this was his chance, it was gonna be a damn good try. Romeo was going to sweep Juliet off her feet if it was the last thing he did.


new book! Yay!

This is lashton (romantic) so if you don't like, don't read. There will be no mashton, Michael is just over protective a bit... he has a reason to be.

Comment what you think :)

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