Closer windows


4. chapter 3

"Hi, my names Luke." He said to my friends. Selena grabbed me and whispered in my ear, "your right, he is cute!" I shoved her a way as I chuckled. "Hi Luke, I'm Calm. If you brake her heart, I'm gonna sip your a-" calm began to say, but I covered his mouth. "That's enough, CALM." I said looking at his sharp. I dragged them to my door and told them id see them later. I walked back to Luke.

"You've got nice friends!" Luke commented. I laughed. "Thanks. Sorry about Calm. He doesn't know when to shut up." Luke looked at me and said, " yeah, I wonder what he was thinking?!" He should know what Calum was thinking! He was thinking that Luke likes me, wants to date me, and will soon date me! "I've, gotta go!" I sighed. "Okay, but I need your number." Luke replied. He was driving me insane so I gave it to him. "Fine, it's 456-321-8890." I really didn't care if he has it or not. "Got it, thanks." Luke said. I shut my window.

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