Closer windows


3. chapter 2 >new<

"Nice to meet you Luke!" I said letting go of his hand. Oh God how much do I wish I would still hold his hand. "Nice to meet you too, Arial." He says with a fancy tone. "Why do you say my name like that?!" I ask. "Because your out of my leeg, so your like royalty to me." He explained making me blush. "Aww! Thank you!" I say blushing like crazy. Aw, I really need to take a chill pill, I'm blushing really noticeably. "It's just the truth." He says winking. "Thanks?" I couldn't tell if the wink was a good thing or a bad thing. "I got to go. Can I have your number?" He says starring into my brown eyes. "No. I'll give it to you later..." I say. "Okay?" He says unsure of himself. We shut our windows. But I shut my blinds too so he doesn't she me let out a scream and blush. He's such a flirt, it's adorable!

I look out my other window and see my friends Calm, Selena, and Kristie. Calm had brown hair with blond tips and brown eyes. Selena has Blue eyes with dirty blond hair. And Kristie has green eyes with orange hair. I open my window and yell, "guys! Up here! It's Arial!" They all look. "ARIAL! Selena screams. "You scared me" they laugh.

"Yes I swear, he's the nicest guy ever!" I complain to them. "Okay, okay, is he like too nice that it's annoying, or perfectly nice?" Calm asks. "Perfectly nice! He says I'm out of his leeg! He's so cute, too!" I said falling into my purple fuzzy beanbag. "What does he look like?" Selena questions. All the sudden, we hear a knock on my window. We all get up too look. I open my window. "That." I say pointing to Luke. "Ah." They all say.

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