Closer windows


2. chapter 1 >the meeting<

I walked around my room, grazing top to bottom, every inch. "I love it guys!" I told my parents. "Thanks, Arial! It took a lot of effort to move all of your stuff from the moving truck to the room!" My Dad exclaimed. "Cool. Now get out! I need to get the feel of this room to sink in!" I laughed while I shoved them out. I slammed the door shut. "Wow, this place is awesome!" I think to myself. Then, something caught my eye. I saw a boy out my window. "Oh yeah, I forgot the houses in this neighbor hood are so close together!" I mentioned putting my hands on my hips. I start moving toward the window, trying to hide each time he'd turn. He took off his shirt and I felt ill. Holy shit this guys hot! He turned around again. I fell to my knees, facing away from my window. I could tell he felt uncomfortable. But, I got up again, slowly. Once I got up, I saw him sitting at his window with his eyebrows raised, tapping his finger on the bottom of the window frame. "Hi!" He said. "Hi. Hope you don't mind I was um....." I said looking around. Then a saw a dust feather. I swiped it into my hands. "Dusting!" I exclaimed. "Ah, sure. Anyway, I'm guessing your the new neighbor?!" He said shrugging. "Yep. My names Arial Banks." I said leaning in for a hand shake. "Hi Arial! Nice to meet you!" He smiled. "Now, I told you my name tell me yours!" I said holding my hand out closer to him. "The names Luke. Luke Hemmings." He said shaking my hand.

Okay guys! Take a chill pill! Yes it's Luke who Arial's madly in love with! TWISTER! Hope you guys like it so far. What do you think about this?! Anyway, I'll update probably in like 2 minuets..... >Bye Bye< ~Diamond

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