Continental Collide-Part I (On Hold)

The Continental Drift is a well known historical fact, where the continents all split apart. They continue to move a tiny amount every year. This year, is different. Tera is on her way to an after school event, when the continents collide. Everything around her is in ruins, But that's not the only problem. Some things that are meant to stay hidden now come to the surface.


6. What happened.


"They're still chasing us!"

I don't dare to turn around to check how close they are.

"I know, I can hear them!" He yells out, short of breath.

We continue to sprint despite both of us clearly being exhausted.

"I don't think I can go any further!" I shout in desperation, as I struggle to keep up.

"We need to keep running, if we stop we'll get mobbed!" Darien snips in response.

I try to pick up the pace but begin to stumble, luckily enough Darien catches me in time for us not to lose much momentum.

"Come on, we can lose them on the broken bridge up ahead!" He says while holding my hand and dragging me along.

We put what little energy we have left into sprinting to the bridge that seems to have collapsed almost completely in the middle, save for a few strips of the foundation.

"Perfect, we can probably balance ourselves across the support beams!" I inform him of my ingenious idea.

"Awesome! Better to try it than to not try at all. If we fall, well, it'll be a better alternative to being clawed to death." He reassures me, well attempts to.

"Yeah, that's a real nice thought, thanks Darien." I pointedly look at him. 

"Oopsie?" He half halfheartedly apologizes with a shrug.

Without further ado, we begin to shimmy across the beam as the things that were ambling quickly behind us begin to catch up. 

"Don't look down Tera!" Darien advises me from behind.

"Thanks for the advise Darien. How about, don't fall?" I snidely remark.

"Also excellent advise, don't know why I didn't mention it!" He tries to yell over the knocking wind that so conveniently picked up, as we shimmy across a measly beam that hangs over a cliff that contains metal shards and spears at the bottom.

"I so don't want to end up like that annoying cheerleader at school." I whine and tremble as I continue on.

"Well, look on the bright side Tera, those things don't seem to understand the concept of stopping. Look at them, they're running right off the edge!" He exclaims in excitement.

I stop and turn slightly to the side, to catch a glimpse of them relentlessly running towards the edge and without hesitation take the plunge straight down the rift. I can't help but to compare them to the Niagara falls in my mind.

"Well, if we survive, we won't have to worry about them it seems." I reply.

"Keep going, I don't want to stand up here any longer than need be!" He shouts over the wind.

I turn back to my original angle and continue to shuffle along. 

It feels like it takes forever to cross the hole, but we both eventually make it relatively safely to the other side.

"Well, that was one hell of an experience." Darien spits out in an exhausted tone.

We're both struggling to catch our breaths after our athletic adventure.

"Yeah, I suppose that's one way to describe it." 

I take a look around our new surroundings taking it all in.

"We'll, we're not in Kansas anymore Toto." He addresses me.

"Toto, why not Dorothy, I am a female you know?" I give him a slight pout.

"Yeah I know, I can see that you have boobs.Believe me, I've noticed-"

"Hey!" I interrupt him, and cross my arms over my chest.

"Just saying. Anyway, I'd also look devastatingly good in a dress and ruby slippers." Darien puffs up his chest in meaningless pride.

"Well, too bad for you Dorothy, the ruby slippers only happened in the movie. In the book and play they're silver." I tell him.

"Nu uh! I don't believe you! You liar!" He stomps his foot like a kid throwing a tantrum. No, maybe he actually is throwing a tantrum.

"So, you're calling me a liar?" I throw him an inquisitive look.

"Well, I aint calling you a truther!" Darien huffs back at me.

"Did you just make a Drake and Josh reference?" 

"Yup!" Is the chipper reply I receive.

"We are so now friends!" I laugh so hard tears form at the corner of my eyes.

Unfortunately our friendly little banter can't go on much longer.

"We need to look for supplies and shelter, it's getting dark out." I tell Darien without looking at him, but looking up at the sky.

"I suppose you're right." He sighs out. "How about we look around at some ruined shops?" He points out ahead of us.

"Probably a good idea. We should get some weapons of some type too. You know, if we run into some more of those things." I say while trying to peer ahead for a guns and ammo store.

"Well, no time like the present!" He grabs my arm and begins to pull me along after him.


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