Continental Collide-Part I (On Hold)

The Continental Drift is a well known historical fact, where the continents all split apart. They continue to move a tiny amount every year. This year, is different. Tera is on her way to an after school event, when the continents collide. Everything around her is in ruins, But that's not the only problem. Some things that are meant to stay hidden now come to the surface.


1. Prologue




Lisa the always beautiful, always perfect person, now lies mangled, dead, in the mud. Don’t think she’ll make it to prom this year. I don’t even bat an eyelash at her bloodied corpse, and neither do I feel fear, or sorrow. School will be far more tolerable without her. Oh, wait. There is no school. There is no one. There is only silence. 


What should I have expected when the continents are split and collided against each other? The scientists that predicted this would happen were right it seems. Though mostly everyone didn’t believe them. It was just another one of those, end of the world conspiracy theories. However, the last few hours have proven their theory, correct. 


Everything is split apart, and mashed together, as much as Lisa is. I can’t help but stare at the football goal that once stood tall and proud, like she did. However, they both have fallen. Well, it actually fell on her. I can’t seem to break my stare on the pole that protrudes from Lisa’s head.

How I'd love to see her try to cover that up, with that eight inch thick makeup she puts on. I thought her face fried my retinas then, but this is much, much worse than before. I can't help but to cringe at the thought.


    Perhaps I'll finally get to go on that trip to England I've always wanted. Afterall, North America could very well be connected to England now.  If, what the scientists said was true, then it should be. I mentally calculate it. Well, I guess I should find something more productive to do, instead of staring at what was once a school, and what was once a person. I forcefully drag my eyes from the sight before me. The question though, what should I do? 


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