Continental Collide-Part I (On Hold)

The Continental Drift is a well known historical fact, where the continents all split apart. They continue to move a tiny amount every year. This year, is different. Tera is on her way to an after school event, when the continents collide. Everything around her is in ruins, But that's not the only problem. Some things that are meant to stay hidden now come to the surface.


5. Not Quite Whole


Not Quite Whole


  "Shi-" I get cut off by the sudden impact.

"What the actual fuck is going on?!" I shriek, while holding off Jake.

I look over to Darien imploringly."Well, don't just stand there gawking, help me!"

Darien rushes into action and harshly yanks Jake off.

"Jake what's wrong with you!" Darien shouts at him, to which Jake only growls back in reply.

"He's not right Darien. Look at him. There is something obviously wrong with!"

I right myself and cautiously step toward Jake and Darien.

"But, Jake was fine not too long ago. We were all talking perfectly normal. That was probably only like four to six hours ago!" Darien defends.

He steps fully to Jake who is attempting to get back up.

"Jake? Hey man, what happened to you, what's wrong?"

Jake savagely juts upward and tries to grab at Darien, but he backs away quickly.

"Darien we need to go." I look around us to see if there are anymore.

"But, he's..." He looks at Jake sadly then back to me imploringly. 

"There's nothing we can do if we don't know anything. As for example, where are the others that stayed here with him?"

I look at Jake's savage like state. Like he's fully moving on instinct or something alike. "We can't take him with us."

"But, Tera..."

Jake suddenly lashes out at Darien and tackles him down. He aggressively grabs at Darien's throat.


I rush behind Jake and try to drag him off.

"He's latched on! I can't get him!" I shout while I struggle with Jake's torso and legs.

"Then just get something to knock him out!" Darien replies desperately.

I let go of Jake then rush to look for something that would work. Duh! I look to the ground and find a big rock like boulder and decide that it should do it.

"Hurry up Tera!" Darien cries out.

I hurry back over to behind Jake and see that Darien is now bleeding from his neck.

"I'm just going to smash it over his head?!" I question baffled.

"No, not over the head! The nape of his neck should work better!" Darien takes a couple of seconds to struggle with Jake a bit more.

"It doesn't matter! Just hit him!"

"But I can't get the angle-"

"Just do it!" Darien screams back.

So, here I go then. I try to get a good position, then try to put a good amount of force into it as I raise the rock and quickly bring it back down over Jake's head.

Jake stills, then stops and drops from his held position. 

I hear Darien grunt from underneath him. "Help me get him off."

I grab Jake's arms away from Darien and pull him while Darien attempts to push.

"Are you alright Darien?" I worriedly ask him.

"I don't know, my neck feels like it's burning." He looks down at his neck and gently touches it with his hands.

"Frick. He scratched me! He actually scratched me!"

He brings his hands away and sees blood on them. 

"Crap who knows how many germs are now in my cuts." 

I take off my scarf and cautiously dab it on the cuts on his neck.

"Ouch!" he complains when I touch it.

"Sorry, but for now we can at least try to stop the bleeding."

I continue to lightly dab at the scratch marks along his neck. "Sorry if it hurts..."

Darien gazes down at me.

"Thanks I suppose. My neck really hurts now though.." His voice sounds a bit strained.

"Here let's just wrap your neck with this." I state to him.

"Fine then."

I begin wrapping it around his neck and tuck it in.

"There you go. That should work until we can find gauze or something." I lightly tap his neck with satisfaction of my handy work.

"So, do I look like a tough guy now?" He asks me while wiggling his eyebrows.

I can't help but giggle a bit at his silly antics.

"Oh. So she laughs eh?" He's now smiling full force at me.

"Don't get cocky. What Jake... that thing did to you won't be anything compared to what I'll do to you if you keep it up." I smirk back at him.

"Oh? Sounds like a challenge."

I groan internally at that. "We need to get going before he comes back around?" I state to change the topic.

"Yeah, I suppose we do..."

We begin to walk back toward the road when we hear sounds of footfalls and shuffling mixed in with moans and groans.

"Please don't tell me that it's what I think it is...." Darien practically sweating profusely at the thought.

I look over at him. "I'm not going to say it. But..."

We both glance back over our shoulders and see more beings similar to Jake.

"Those are the other survivors from the cafe!" Darien exclaims next to me.

"Well, if they're anything like Jake. I don't advise us sticking around anymore!"

We look back at each other and silently agree. We look to the road and make a break for it, with the hazy eyed distorted beings following close behind.

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