Continental Collide-Part I (On Hold)

The Continental Drift is a well known historical fact, where the continents all split apart. They continue to move a tiny amount every year. This year, is different. Tera is on her way to an after school event, when the continents collide. Everything around her is in ruins, But that's not the only problem. Some things that are meant to stay hidden now come to the surface.


2. Meeting




“So, first things first, check to see if there are any other people around, then gather supplies.” I state to myself. 

That is what people in all those apocalyptic movies, comics, and books do right?

I will need supplies after all. If I survived that, others have to have as well. If not well, it looks like I’ll finally get that peace and quiet I’ve been asking for. Guess it’s true, be careful what you wish for,oops. 

“Hello,anyone here!” I pierce the stagnate silence.

My voice seems to echo eerily.

Well note to self, never take noise for granted. I never thought I'd be begging to listen to my older sister whine, and shout. At this moment though, I’d take it.

Seriously though, it being the football field, I’d thought there’d be more people.

The only person I could find was Lisa. Unless others made it out, though I doubt it, seeming as the bleachers are in a sinkhole, and crushed in upon themselves.

I distinctly remember the school board taking a big chunk of money from the arts departments, in order to pay for this new coliseum like field.

The only reason I was here, is because a friend of mine was having an art show today.

I never did get there though. Might be a good thing too, when the whole Earth decided to say, “Hey yea well you have plans? You like the feeling of living? Well, have fun with that since I have decided I feel like converging upon myself!", the whole school building cracked. Not just one segment, but straight down the middle.

That does terrible things to supports and foundations. The school pretty much crumbled. I had walked into the building, made it to the gym area, then bam, Earth goes crazy.

I hope my other friend that dropped me off here didn’t end up in the splitting, or a sinkhole, or got speared by any chance. I hope none of them did. After seeing Lisa though, hope, seems to be a thing that is nearly extinct, and is currently sparse.

"Oh, not my mother, please not her. After everything she’s been through, she shouldn’t have to go through this too. Maybe out where we live didn’t get hit as bad." I ramble to myself. 

"I need to find more people, and I need to find some type of news if possible. I have to know what happened. I want to know if this is just an earthquake, or if it’s country wide, continent wide, or worldwide." I state out loud.

I'm not sure if I'm rooting for the extreme continental drift that some of the scientists theorized, or a relatively isolated earthquake.

I begin to look around myself.

I just honestly wish for none of the above, but there is no point in dwelling on that now that it already happened.

“Hello!”I shout. 

“Hello, if you can hear me, please do something, even a groan in pain would do!”

Time to try another area I suppose.

I'll try the main school building. I’ll just have to be careful of the large rip in the middle, and the pretty much collapsed everything.

Great, well I’m not really all that athletic so this should be fun.

“Yo, is someone over there!" I think I hear shouted from across the field. 

Wait, did someone just reply to me? 

"You, over there! The one in the weird outfit!" Yeah, I heard it.

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