Continental Collide-Part I (On Hold)

The Continental Drift is a well known historical fact, where the continents all split apart. They continue to move a tiny amount every year. This year, is different. Tera is on her way to an after school event, when the continents collide. Everything around her is in ruins, But that's not the only problem. Some things that are meant to stay hidden now come to the surface.


4. Learning the Land

Learning the Land


I look around at my surroundings, wishing I instead stayed behind at the school to try to look for my friend. Forget the beliefs taught through TV shows, movies and books, on how it's better to stay in a group, no, I'll go solo and find my friend.

"So, I never did ask you your name. I was excited simply finding another person. Oh, and what did you mostly do in school. Any extracurricular classes, clubs or anything?"

Darien chipper as always, asks me and breaks me out of my internal struggle.

"I'm Tera, and not much, I wasn't one to want to stay at school for an extended time for clubs and such. Wanted to get home, and stay home, but today. Today I promised my friend I'd go see her art work that was on display at the school this after noon. I don't usually go out and do things. Not my thing." I forlornly reply to him.

"Oh. Well, maybe she made it out. We'll try to find others after we regroup, alright?"Darien attempts to reassure me. 

"I know, it's just I can't stop thinking of it. Where is everyone, if they made it out?"

Did they try to find help, run away? Or maybe they didn't even make it out of the earthquake at all. Where is everyone? 

I glance over at Darien who is pointedly staring into the distance, whether in thought, or to avoid eye contact with me, I could only guess.

He's pretty good looking I suppose. He appears to have lean muscle; I never did like those overly hulky guys anyway, so lean muscle is more my forte. 

Darien also has fluffyish black wavy hair, a beauty mark under his right eye, relatively light skin, and is more than likely five foot eight. Though hard to judge against my five foot three inch stature. Most people are usually taller than me anyway. So, I'll just assume he's in the higher range of five feet.

Yeah, he's pretty okay looking I suppose.

"Hey, you doing alright there Tera, you've kind been staring at me a bit." Darien a bit bashfully inquires from me. 

I can see the slight blush spread across his upper cheeks and nose.

I never really saw anyone blush before. Sure I've seen people flushed before, like from working out, or embarrassment.

Maybe that's what it is. He's probably just embarrassed, and not flattered or whatever. Nope, not at all.

I also don't find his bashfulness to be slightly cute in the least.

"Sorry, it's all just a lot to take in is all."

Yeah that's it Tera, nothing to do with the fact that you were actually checking him out a bit. Nope.

"Yeah, it really is, isn't it. I'm worried about a lot myself. But hey, if we want to go visit another country, we could drive or walk there instead of getting a plane now!" Darien tries to add a positive outlook to the situation.

I don't really buy it.

We go back into an awkward silence and continue to walk on the broken, cracked, and ruined road to our destination.

I continue to  look around and note how Darien was right, there are few, if any buildings left.

I take notice of a structure that's in total destruction. If one could call it a structure at all. Jagged edges of what was once a wall protrudes from the ground. The remainder of the wall isn't even up to my knee.

I remember what it once was, a cute little grocery store that was for "grab what you need and get out" type of thing. Just a quick food run. Well not anymore. Everything that once was, isn't like that anymore, it's all just rubble.

"Hey look up ahead, we're here!" He points excitedly toward a building that is still clearly a building.

It has definitely seen better days though.

"Wow, it's still standing" I mention in slight awe.

"Well yeah. all of us that didn't fall into the large crack that went through the ground were surprised it did too." Darien states.

Oh, so this place also got a large crack in the ground, just like the school building did. 

"Alright then, let's make our way over there then. The sooner we meet up with them, the sooner we can go around and look for others."

I start to pick up my pace and Darien follows. We reach the building and ease our way inside.

"Hey guys! I'm back! I also found someone!" He pierces the silence with his greeting, but no one replies back.


he tries again, yet still no reply.

"That's really foreboding Darien. Like something is going to jump  out at us type of thing..." I softly say.

 "Nah, they're just being cautious after everything that's happened." he defends.

"Huh, well I guess let's look around the building." Darien motions for me to follow him back outside.

I follow along and carefully step over broken glass and turned over chairs.

We get back outside and peer around, in search of the others.

I hear shuffling coming from behind the building.

"Uh, hey Darien. I think I hear something from around the back."

I start to go toward the back when I hear Darien exclaim, "What the actual freak, is that!"

I turn around to see that whatever was shuffling behind the building had come around the other side to the front.

A human like being.

It's shuffling along with the right leg and dragging the left. It's eyes are glazed over, and are sunken in as a starved person's would be. It also doesn't seem to register any of it's surroundings. It's skin seems to have a green pigmentation.

"W-what is that...?" I shakily ask. 

"No way, Jake? What happened to you man? Where are the others?" Darien worriedly questions.

"Wait, he's one of the other people that were at the cafe with you?" I ask stunned.

"Yeah. He was.... but how'd he end up like that?"

We both just stare in fright and awe at Jake as he shuffles forward to me.

 Then suddenly Jake picks up his pace and charges.


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