1. First day.

I get up and start to get ready, I look at the clock, 7:20am, oh gosh. I start to get ready faster, I put on my shorts and Beatles t-shirt. It's 7:30, I better hurry I think. I ran and comb through my hair, and run out the door, stopping long enough to grab an apple.

I'm done eating my apple, but I still hear my stomach growling. This will be one great day, I look like a walking zombie, and I'm in pain from my sisters soccer kicks still, and now I'm starving, this is just great.

I finally get to school, with 5 minutes left before we go in, trying to catch my breath, I'm just about to sit next to my friend Ethan, and put my head down, but right before I do though, I see this really cute guy.

He's maybe a little taller than me, and brownish colored hair, with like a blonde highlight, he has his hair cut short in the sides, and has some bangs. I was about to go over and introduce myself, when the bell rang. We started to walk in the building, and he followed right behind me.

"Hey, I'm Stanley, I'm new here, and I was wondering , is this the way to Ms.Taylor's?" He says, walking right next to me.

"Hi, I'm Emily." I reply. "Yes, this is the way to Mrs.Taylor's home room."

"Thank god." He says. "I thought I was in the wrong line."

I looks over at him, and say "No, your in the right place." I look into his eyes, and notice that they are a light brown, he notices my stare and smiles.

"You okay?" He asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine, why would you ask?"

"Well," He says. "You might have just started spilling your water all over the floor."

"Oh, no I didn't."

"Made ya look." He says as he gives me a devilish smile.

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