Life goes on

Vanessa and Michael have Been best friends since well birth their moms were friends but when Luke Hemmings comes to town in 8th grade vanessa falls for him. Luke and vanessa did everything together and soon 9th grade comes around Luke and Vanessa became the "perfect couple" of the school while Michael is long forgotten in Vanessa's mind. Michael hated Luke for taking his best friend away and soon Luke and Michael hated each other. Now they are 17 years old what happens next


3. 3

Vanessa pov

we were at the beach Sarah and i we're making a sand castle while luke and ashton we're bringing food.

"so you and ashhhh?' i say trying to make her talk about her relationship 

she sighs before speaking "we are having some troubles but we're fine'

'you want to talk about it' i ask  

"nah i good swear" she reply 


ashton's pov

me and luke were walking back withe the food we wanted to scare the girls so we hid behind the surfboards 1.......


so you and ashhh me and Luke overheard Vanessa say 

lets listen i say 

luke gives me a thumbs up

"we are having some troubles but we're fine' sarah says

'We have troubles?" i ask

luke just shugs

damn im gonna talk to her later i thought.

michaels pov ((((((((me and Luke were going to the beach with a two girls named Alex and Clare that we met at Starbucks that's where me and Vanessa used to go all the time when we were kids the "good days" I thought "hey what are you thinking" Clare asked "nothing important" I lied but the truth is I was trying to believe it was true that I didn't care anymore about Vanessa but I do I thought

"Oh in that case race you to the beach last one to the beach is a Michael" Clare yells "hey" I say trying to be offended.

We all started running but I stopped because Vanessa she was with Sarah it looked serious.

"MIKE!" Clare yelled

She ran over to me and noticed I was looking at Vanessa

"You like her don't you"she said a little sad

"No" I lie

"She's just a old friend I haven't seen in a long time "I say

"Oh In that case lets go "she said referring to the water

"Ok" I laugh I carry Clara and run in to the water and drop her in

"Man that's cold" she shrieked








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