Life goes on

Vanessa and Michael have Been best friends since well birth their moms were friends but when Luke Hemmings comes to town in 8th grade vanessa falls for him. Luke and vanessa did everything together and soon 9th grade comes around Luke and Vanessa became the "perfect couple" of the school while Michael is long forgotten in Vanessa's mind. Michael hated Luke for taking his best friend away and soon Luke and Michael hated each other. Now they are 17 years old what happens next


2. 2

Calum pov

Me and Michael were walking to our next class when Vanessa ran by Michael pushing him and running in to Luke's arms.

"What do she see in the dick" Michael hisses

"Well only you think his a dick but chicks love him and so does everyone else" I say

"Ughh can you a least pretend he's jerk" Michael says

"Only to you he is but his chill with everyone else" I say

"SHUTT uP and be a good friend who doesn't like someone their bestie doesn't like" Michael says faking to be furious.

I see sarah  laughing with Vanessa about something here the thing yes I like Sarah, one of Vanessa best friends but like Vanessa she is sadly, not single she dating Ashton Irwin, schools jock.

"DUDE we are going to be late"Michael says taking me out of my train of thought.

" Oh yeah sorry man I'm coming "

Sarah's pov

Ashton and I were watching the maze runner on his ps4 browser. I don't know why he has a ps4 tho he never used it only for movies.

"Babe" Ashton faked cried

"What" I asked

"Can you get me my salad in the fridge pleassse " he asked with puppy eyes

"Nope I getting chips because you are to damn healthy" I say

"Fine but you owe me" he says with a smirk

"Like what" I say biting my lip

"This" he says he crashed our lips together and we separated

Still fireworks I say

He just laughs so I push him off the bed

1 hour later

Ashton pov/// once the movie ended I looked over to see Sarah sleeping cuddling with my pillow. Aww she so cute but now I have no one to talk to so I pick up my phone and call Luke after one ring he answers.

A:hey man you wanna go to the beach in two hours

L: yeah are you bringing Sarah

A: you know it you taking Vanessa?

L: yeah

A:cool see you later

L: peace





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