Adopted by ashton

Hi my name is Chloe and one day I get adopted by Ashton irwin


5. their talk

The next morning I woke up and heard shouting downstairs " I guess the boys are up then " I say to myself I change into high wasted shorts and a green to with my lime green converse I walk downstairs when I stop cause I heard the boys talking bout me

" guys can I tell ya something bout Chloe "

" yep " they all sat at the same time

" I like her like a lot and more than a friend "

" could ya not tell Chloe " Luke says

" tell Chloe what " I say acting like I never heard anything

" did you hear anything what I said " Luke says

" maybe why "

" nothing " he says as u walk away into the kitchen

Luke's POV

I have to ask her out side is so beautiful and has a nice style

I maybe will ask her maybe next week when we all tell her that we are going on tour with 1d and little mix

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